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The Key Elements of Living Simple

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Living simple is all about a state of mind.  It is about getting back to basics and finding things that have been lost over the years.  It is about finding the key elements in life and embracing them.

First comes willingness!  Are you willing to give up a little to gain a lot?  Ask yourself this question:  what do you need to survive?  Once you have asked and answered that question then you can look at all the extras that are not needed.

For this author, I need shelter, food and love.  That’s it!  Anything else that I have I could lose tomorrow and it wouldn’t make a dent in my lifestyle. Those are not hollow words.  I have no car to my name.  I have no television.  All furniture is from secondhand stores.  I could pack up all my belongings in the back of a pickup truck and move tomorrow.  I like it like that.  Could you do it?

On another note, what is important to you?  Most would say family….maybe good health….maybe happiness or love?  Once you have determined your core values then simplicity is easy to attain.  Get rid of the window dressing and you have what is really important.


About Billybuc

A simple man who has found happiness as a functioning dysfunctional.

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