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Fall Is The Time To Prepare Soil

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Fall is approaching and for those of you with gardens it is time to cultivate the last of our produce and then think about preparing the garden for next year.

I wrote an article today about edible forest gardens.  Give it a read and see what you think; you might just look at gardens in a completely different light after you finish.  These are great ideas for those who want a crop growing year round, and for those who don’t want to spend endless hours in the garden tending to crops.

Hopefully you have a compost bin so you can start preparing the soil for next year.  Winter is the time when the soil replenishes and prepares for the next crop.  You can do your part by adding compost to the soil now so it is ready to go in the Spring.  It’s all about Living Simple and providing for yourself.


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  1. Bill, this is nice piece of simple living and makes me want to sell my home and go live in the forest. Loved it.


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