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Planting Trees Is A Bountiful Project

We are planning on planting three fruit trees out front along the road.  We can plant them now or in the Spring; haven’t decided when we are going to do it yet.

Why fruit trees?  Well, gosh, where do I begin?

We are planting them along the road so the neighbors can partake in the bounty.  We are going to call them our community trees.  We are thinking of an apple, a peach, and a pear.  We think the neighbors will be happy.  Hey, maybe someone has a cider press and we can take it a step further.

The trees will also provide some shade for the house during the summer since we have a southwest exposure.  In case you are wondering about what to plant for shade in the summer or insulation in the winter, here is a great article that might help you decide.

Let’s not forget that planting trees helps the environment.  It helps make up for the forests being destroyed around the world as we speak..

Hey, maybe the trees will be the inspiration for some neighborhood kids to learn about the joys of climbing trees.  My favorite climbing tree when I was young was our apple tree.  I used to survey the neighborhood from those limbs.  Do parents let their kids climb trees any longer?  If not, too bad!  There is such a thing as over-protecting children.

Living Simple folks!  Little things like planting trees can have some great repercussions!


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  1. This is an awesome initiative. Thank you for reminding me of the good old carefree days. I was a master of climbing trees when I was young, never mind the scolding of my granny. Says, girls shouldn’t do that. I was like a monkey (and still) and I love climbing up trees and picking up fruits. Good luck in your endeavor.

  2. We just ordered two dwarf apple trees to plant in our yard. Plus a number of Canadian Hemlocks to help block out noise, LOL. Fun post! And the community spirit is a great lead in to International Day of Peace on Sept. 21st.

    • Cyndi, I keep forgetting that the Peace Day is coming. I would write a hub about it but I suspect 100 other Hubbers will do the same thing. Thanks for the reminder and for the visit, Sis!

  3. My parents are going to do this. They are getting a beehive too. The kids think it’s so cool. I wish we had the property for fruit trees, but with only .14 of an acre, it’d be a bit too tight. 🙂


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