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Winterize Your Home Now Before Winter Arrives

Now is the time to winterize your home as winter approaches.  I know, every year you read about winterizing, and every year you promise yourself you are going to do it, and then life gets in the way and it never happens.

Once again the warm air heads outside your walls, heating the neighborhood, and every year about January, as the huge heating bills pile up, you kick yourself for not doing the winterizing.  Don’t you think it’s about time you quit kicking yourself and do something about this chore?

Thousands of dollars are lost because of poor preparations.  Here is a website that will give you some starting points as you begin the process:

None of these suggestions are difficult; they just require time and commitment.  Putting plastic sheeting up around windows might cost you all of $30 and a couple hours, and it will save you hundreds of dollars.  Planting trees to block the prevailing winter winds will also save you hundreds of dollars, as will adding additional insulation.  In other words, you can pay now, or pay much more later.

Do you have rooms you don’t use often?  Shut off the heat to those rooms and keep the doors closed.  Do you have a storm door?  Huge savings in heat loss if you have one!  Do you have weather stripping around windows and doors?  If not, get with the program.  Winter waits for no man, and don’t bet on a mild winter.  Now is the time to act in a proactive way so you aren’t acting in a reactionary way when things get cold.

Living Simple!  It’s the new revolution!


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  1. Bill, as always great information and have tweeted on to all for further viewing. I don’t own a home yet, but do share a home with my parents. My dad works at Lowes and will also show to him too. Thank you again 🙂

  2. Hey Janine, I didn’t know you didn’t own a home yet. I would think Dad could be a big help working at Lowe’s! Thank you my dear!

  3. Great advice, BB. We’re in the process of batting down the hatches right now. Hubby is out chopping wood as I type this and we’re putting on those storm windows. On another note, we’re going to plant 12 Canadian Hemlocks that will not only help with the wind, but it will block out all the noise from our neighbors that drive by the road. 🙂


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