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Major Storm Heads For East Coast….Sending Prayers and Best Wishes

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The first major winter storm of this season is heading for the east coast of the United States.  Looks like a big one, and you can read about it here.

Of course, this storm got me thinking….what if a catastrophe hit Olympia where I am living?  What if our home were destroyed?  How would I feel?

Well, I can tell you in all honesty, that as long as my family survived unharmed, I could care less if the house and our possessions were destroyed.  Why?  Because I believe in Living Simple, and I have no possessions that are important enough to me to lose sleep over.

I know, some people will say but what about the heirlooms and keepsakes that are so important for memories of the past…..well, yes, I guess that would hurt somewhat, but compared to the safety of family, it really doesn’t matter.  I do not own one thing that would bother me if I lost it

But what about the car, or the house?  Well yes, that would be inconvenient, but we have insurance and we would get by.  But what about food?  Well yes, that would be inconvenient, but we would get by.  But what about….what about…what about…..?  The fact of the matter is that we humans are amazingly resilient, and most people have no idea what they are capable of until they are forced to find out.

I have incredible faith in Bev and myself, and we would find a way.  Love would find a way!

Sending hugs and best wishes to those on the east coast!  Here’s hoping it’s not nearly as bad as they are predicting!


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  1. Bill, I am so trying not to think about this storm, because it sounds like it is going to ruin Halloween for the kids and that truly saddens me, because my girls have spoken non-stop about trick-or-treating. I do hope that it isn’t as bad as they are saying and that everyone is indeed safe, too.

  2. We might get some of that storm. I suppose maybe it’s a good thing I shop for two weeks at a time when I go to the grocery store. You’re right, though. As long as significant others and all the animals made it out, well, then we’d rebuild if something happened. I mean, it would be a bummer and I’d probably shed a tear or two – because the home itself shares love and memories, but then I’d become happy for having had the opportunity. I love your thought-provoking hubs/posts, BB. So glad to know you.


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