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Living Simple Requires Willingness and Determination

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I have said often that Living Simple requires a complete shift in the way one thinks.  I’m sticking to that statement.  I really believe there are a great many people who have no desire to live simply.  I also believe there are a great many out there who might consider it but are reluctant because it would require a major change in lifestyle, and they are comfortable with their lifestyle.

I get it!  I really do!  I make no judgment about those who could care less about living simple.  I really don’t; it makes no difference to me one way or the other if people completely ignore my rantings about a simpler lifestyle.  Live and let live!

I have one follower on my writing site….HubPages…..who always fires back reasons why she doesn’t want to live simply, and how she has worked hard for her lifestyle and she deserves it….and I’m in complete agreement!  She has worked hard, she has paid her dues, and if she wants to buy things and live big, then bless her!

I, however, do not, and for several reasons.

One, I think the economy is going down the toilet, and the election that is happening today is not going to stave off the inevitable, which is a worsening of the economic picture not only in the United States but worldwide.

Two, I am happy with less!  My home and my mind have been de-cluttered and I have never been happier.  Some people cannot understand how I can live without a television; I cannot understand how they can waste so much of their lives watching the boob tube.  To each his own!

Some people cannot understand how I can go entire weeks without driving a car.  I don’t find it amazing at all.

Some people will say they are too busy to grow their own vegetables and to do their own repairs around the house.  I say that’s exactly the point, you are too busy, and I have no desire to be that busy ever again.

So again, to each his own.  I won’t judge you and please, don’t judge me.  I am happy, and I wish you happiness as well.


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A simple man who has found happiness as a functioning dysfunctional.

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  1. Awesome Bill, Simple is the way to go in my opinion. “Live simply that others may simply live.”


  2. Oh Bill to those who judge they are truly not worth it and as my mother always said, “if you don’t have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all!” Seriously, not understanding why people have to be so rude and say anything if that don’t agree. Great job as always my friend and I for one am proud to say I have gotten some many great and invaluable ideas from your Living Simple attitude/articles!!

    • I don’t understand it either Janine. I don’t spend a whole lot of time thinking about how others live; it just isn’t interesting to me, and I don’t understand why my views would be threatening to anyone else. I’m just a guy in Olympia; nothing more, nothing less. 🙂

      Thank you Janine; I happen to think you are wonderful!

      • Quite simply, the feeling is mutual and think you too are wonderful!! Don’t worry yourself about those who are not worthy, because you are too good for them seriously 🙂

  3. This is one post where I’ll admit you’re better than I am. I try to be tolerant, but the whole materialistic lifestyle pisses me off. I don’t know why it does so much: maybe I’m just slightly jealous of what I don’t have – a character flaw, I’m sure – or that I feel so strongly that the consumerism that our culture embodies is stifling the planet….I don’t know. But your post comes at a time when I was standing in the road just up from my house yesterday, putting my hands on the trees and crying. Why? My rackin’ frackin’ neighbors who gutted their house that wasn’t old at all, bought two new cars when they retired, and threw $5000 at our little gravel road as if they have a billion dollars to spend, well, they cut down all these old, beautiful trees. They weren’t threatening anything. They cut them down in the off chance that they might be inconvenienced. The trees were growing close to the road and maybe just maybe they’d blow over in a storm. It is because those big, beautiful trees *may* have caused them some amount of inconvenience that they callously cut them down. I was so mad, I found myself wishing that some tree would happily come along and fall on their car. I didn’t *really* mean it but I’m not sorry I wished it, if that makes sense. I know I get on my soapbox sometimes, but I wept for those trees. I try to be a bigger person, but how you get past all the terrible acts that we humans are capable of? Trees, I know, don’t even begin to describe what horrific acts humans can do, but it’s so symbolic. *sigh* You’re my role model, Big Bro.

    • Cyndi, I love who you are! I’m only tolerant because I can’t return to the person I once was; I need to quit thinking that it’s my way or the highway. 🙂 Materialistic people piss me off, but I know I’ll never change who they are….there is only so much I’m capable of, and I have to realize that or drive myself nuts.

      I’m sorry I didn’t comment on your blog today; just too much to do and I’m way behind. I haven’t forgotten you; your blog and Janine’s are always on my priority list. 🙂

      • You’re absolutely right – I am going to drive myself nuts thinking about what others do. I have to remember this quote I once read: “Since when are the world’s problems resting on your shoulders? Who designated you to worry about them?” It was so hard when I saw all those beautiful trees cut down – for no reason. *sigh*
        Aww, BB, you don’t ever have to apologize. In this writing world, I’m figuring out that the more I write, the more I have to do. HAHA. It’s hard keeping up with everything. I have a hard time keeping up with HP, Twitter, Flickr, FB, the blog, and any other number of websites and passwords that dance and twirl inside my squishy brain. LOL

      • Cyndi, I have just about given up on the Facebook groups; I simply don’t have the time to stay on there and chat constantly. I may lose views because of it but man oh man, I have to have some kind of life or I’ll go crazy. Today I am so busy with customers; I picked up seven new articles for this week yesterday, and now I’m really scrambling to get everything done.

        Anyway my dear, I really, really appreciate you. 🙂

  4. Bill, you are the wealthiest man I know. There is nothing as rich as simplicity. To live a simple lifestyle takes incredible intelligence and skill. It works for me. I’ve had it both ways. I love the freedom simplicity brings. I love the spiritual awareness. I love my life without owning anything of a material nature. Why has it taken me so long to learn how unimportant “things” are. Only people matter (and animals of course.) You are my hero. Love, Audrey

    • Well Audrey, I don’t even know what to say to that kind of compliment. 🙂 I guess thank you will have to suffice. I agree, there is great freedom in simplicity, and great spiritual awareness. I just wish I could convince everyone of that fact. Then I think of how much I had to suffer before I could learn these things…..sigh! At least I have finally learned them.

      Thank you my dear; your praise humbles me.


  5. Aaaah Bill. I love reading your blogs. I completely get what you say about not watching TV – it’s a huge time-waster, although I do enjoy watching some cooking shows and catching up on series every now and then. I just don’t spend hours glued to the screen. When you’re too busy to plan a vegetable garden or go out into nature with your family – then you have a real problem. Working from home without the option of driving during the week is fine for me. I write all day, so I don’t really need to drive anywhere. The temptation of the car sitting here for me to take off a few hours to go to the mall or somewhere for inspiration – would be too much I think! Although, when it gets to Saturday morning I am itching to get in the car and drive. Freedom!!!! LOL. Great post!!!

  6. Mel, I do the same thing. Weekends I am out of here, driving in the car. That is my reward for the week of writing. A drive in the country relaxes my brain and lets me chill out and do no thinking. 🙂

    Thank you my friend; I doubt that we are missing anything on the television.


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