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Thoughts on Christmas and Living Simple

Glance to the left and you will see a really cool desk made out of a pallet and I’m guessing four metal pipes.  I’m also guessing the whole thing might have cost five bucks tops, and that is a high-end estimate in case the person had to pay for the pallet or pipe.

I love that kind of stuff, but then I love living simple, so go figure.

I just finished an article about alternative Christmas gift giving, kind of a look at some things we can do rather than spend thousands of dollars on gifts that may or may not be appreciated.  Thousands of dollars!!!  For what purpose?

Let’s see, someone will answer that it is a sign of love.  Okay, I guess so, but is it a sign or is it over-kill?

If you want to show your love, how about a handmade card and a special night out for mom, or a week without chores for big Sis, or some homebaked bread for the elderly neighbor down the street?  Why is it necessary to dazzle everyone with the amount of money that has been spent?

I know, you have little kids, and they always expect toys!  Well, where did that expectation come from?  It is based on the fact that they have always gotten loads of toys, right?  How about cutting back on the toys they get and how about increasing some more meaningful gifts?  How about beginning a tradition where each member of the family does something nice for a complete stranger, or for a sick friend, or for someone who has lost their job?  Now that would fit in nicely with the true meaning of Christmas.

Around our home this Christmas everyone is going to put their name on an envelope, and they will also write down the one gift they would love to have.  Then everyone will go around at some point in the next month and put whatever they can afford in each envelope.  That way the gift is money that can be spent on a gift that person really wants, and nobody spends anymore than what they can afford.

In the meantime, I’m sure Bev and I will be doing our thing to help the community in some way over the holidays.  I gotta tell ya, there is nothing quite like that feeling of giving with no expectations, and seeing the smile on the faces of those you gave to.

Now that is a Happy and Merry Christmas indeed!


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A simple man who has found happiness as a functioning dysfunctional.

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  1. Nicely said. I like how you think!

  2. Bill, this is a beautiful post to go along with your Hubpages article from earlier today. I found a website about filling a shoebox for little kids who are less fortunate from little kids (like my own). It was actually listed on another blog reader that I follow. I have bookmarked it and Kevin and I are planning on doing this with our girls hopefully this weekend coming up. Nice job reminding us what Christmas and the holidays are all about!!

  3. Well, if you know me, you know that I love how you think. I love the simple life. I wish my own family back in Colorado did this. I’m look at as the “cheap one” because I won’t go into debt to get gifts for people. But, I travel from NC to CO at least twice a year to see everybody and that is a huge financial stress…but I’m doing it for love…and I’d hope it counted for something. *sigh* 🙂 Great, thoughtful post, Big Bro.

  4. Cyndi, visiting family is as good as it gets. That, to me, is the ultimate Christmas present. I have my son and Bev and that is my world; anything else is just icing on the cake. 🙂 Thanks lil’ Sis; you are special!

  5. Now THIS is what Christmas should be all about! Not the fancy gift wrap and ribbons, or the hundreds of rands spent on clothing items you’ll never wear or books you’ll never read. I like your way of thinking and your article today. We’ll be looking into Christmas a little differently this year too – it’s really not about the presents at all for us. Thanks for the reminder Bill, loved the post 🙂

    • Mel, my heart smiles when I read a comment like this one; no, it should not be about presents. We all bought into the commercialization a long time ago, and we can all change it as well. Love it! Thank you my friend and I hope all is well in your neck of the woods.


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