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Poverty Rises in United States

49.7 million Americans are living at the poverty level….16% of the population….so says the Census Bureau in the new adjusted figures that came out this week.

Stop and think about that for a second.  That figure blows me away, and the truly frightening point that needs to be considered is that it will probably get worse.

The United States has been a manufacturing giant since the turn of the 19th Century.  Now we see manufacturing jobs going overseas, and there is nothing to replace them.  Former plant workers are now taking jobs that pay less; however, their debt, which was based on a higher paying job, just keeps growing.  It is a lose-lose proposition and something has to be done.  But what?

The government says that we need to re-train the working force and prepare them for the service industry and the high tech industry.  All well and good, but I have pointed out in the past, that it is practically impossible to re-train a single parent with two kids.  Where is the time?  How is that done exactly?  I’m still waiting for an answer to that question!

For those already at the poverty level, the answers are few and far between.  In fact, short of selling your home or declaring bankruptcy, there may not be an answer.

For some, the answer is to adopt a frugal living lifestyle, one based on need rather than want.  Bev and I are at the poverty level, and yet we live a comfortable lifestyle.  We want for nothing; we have our needs covered.  No, we do not have extras; we have used furniture and we do not splurge on extras.  We have whittled our debt down to nothing, and we budget religiously.  For us, there is no other way to live.

If you are struggling, you have my sympathy.  These are tough times, and the holidays just make them tougher.

May God bless all of you!  Bev and I send our best wishes to you!


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A simple man who has found happiness as a functioning dysfunctional.

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  1. Beautiful answer to that question and truthfully have done with less for so long that I almost felt guilty sleeping in my new bed last night. Trust me I have tried my best and as you with two kids that is saying a lot. In any event, you do truly have such wonderful ideas and have used many at this point in time and thank you again so much for that. and best wishes right back to you and Bev from all us, too 🙂 🙂

    • Janine, what a shock to see you here! NOT! If there is a more loyal follower I sure don’t know who that would be. You are remarkable and I am so thankful that you follow me; more than that, though, I am thankful that you are my friend. 🙂 Thank you!

  2. Stating the truth, as always, Bill. When my husband and I both lost our jobs and everything that comes with having a regular income, at first we were devastated. But, once we got a handle on living frugally, we actually found joy in living with less – only buying what we could afford. No credit cards, not even for emergencies.

    I am finding joy in reading your adventure in living the frugal lifestyle. Thank you for sharing with us.

    • Marlene, you are, for sure, a living example of this lifestyle. You may not have chosen it originally, but you certainly flourished with it once it was forced upon you. I respect you for that; you could have rolled over and given up, or whined about how unfair life is; instead, you sucked it up and found a way. Thank you for sharing that and bless you my friend.

      • Thank you, Bill. You are an inspiration. It is good to be in the company of people who understand and who help me continue to move forward in the most wonderful and spiritual-related lifestyle. I thank God for people like you who help me along in the life of living simply.

      • Marlene, I have always believed that we are sent people for a reason; at the time we may not be aware of why, but I can’t think of a person in my life who has not met a need that I had, in one way or another.

        I am grateful for the lessons you have taught me, and I am a better person because of it.

        Have a wonderful weekend my friend.

  3. You know, we’re talking about another change. See, we still have a mortgage and we make not lots of money now. Yeah, probably poverty-level wages. Don’t get me wrong, we want for little, but the mortgage takes a lion’s share out of our monthly pittance. We’re thinking about selling the mini-farm and getting a motorhome and parking it on some land and my hubby will build a house. Oh sure, I’ll help him paint and caulk and lay down tile, but um, no nailing or hammering or sawing for me. I’ll whack off some body part, I’m afraid. lol. With no health insurance, I don’t think I wanna risk it. HAHA.
    But yeah, we’ll see how this goes. I still end up spending too much time at the computer. I am wanting to spend more time out with the birds and my family…but I also know that when you’re first getting something off the ground, it takes time and you have to put some muscle into it. I’m using all my muscles I have. 😉

  4. Yes you are, Cyndi, and you are looking quite buff. 🙂

    That might be the way to go. Bev and I are constantly adjusting our dreams of the future; the mortgage is a biggie, and we may have to say goodbye to it in three years and look at our options. Or, I could hit it big writing and then new options would open up. We’ll just see.

    Thanks lil’ Sis; keep working hard and good things will happen.

    • That’s reassuring. 🙂 I came across this cool site (The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success) and it hit home. I’m just such a worry-wort. You’re right: who knows what’ll happen? In some ways, I wonder if this isn’t all some sort of test to see how we do when life throws its curveballs. John and I are always adjusting and readjusting…we talk about selling, but then we have so much work to do on this fixer-upper. A lot of oil and elbow grease, but it’s putting in the time for that, too. There are just not enough hours in the day to do everything, lol. But when I think that, we humans are designed to work with 24 hours and somehow that should be enough. Ah well, if I had the answers, I’d be God. I’m but a weeee little human. 😉

      • Cyndi, I would muck up the job of being God; I think I’ll stick to what I do best…just being me. 🙂 You are doing exactly what you should be doing right now; make the most of it and enjoy the hell out of you life. This is your only shot at it. 🙂

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