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Dealing With Stress During the Holidays

I will be writing an article later this week about dealing with stress over the holiday season, and make no mistake about it:  there are a great many people who feel stress during this time of year.

One of the values of Living Simple is that our minds are uncluttered with worries of this sort, and we are better in control of our lives and expectation.  Certain things are simply out of our control.  Maybe you recently lost your job or money is simply tight, and you are feeling the stress related to those circumstances.  Maybe you know that holidays mean dealing with some relatives that you would rather not deal with, and that is adding stress to your life.

Whatever the case may be, it is important to realize that stress is a direct response to loss of control, whether it is real or imagined.  We all want to feel as though we are in control, for if we are not then we are susceptible to the random vagaries of life, and that is a frightening thought.

Some personality types are more susceptible to stress, most notably Type A personalities.  Some people suffer stress because of a medical imbalance.  Others have psychological reasons for their adverse reaction to loss of control.

Stress is real and it can be incapacitating if allowed to run unchecked.  Pinpointing the cause of your stress is the first big step.  Once that has been identified then you can begin to tackle that cause.  Seek help from those who can help you with that particular cause.  Trying to “man up” and deal with it yourself is a fool’s errand.


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  1. Great advice about stress Bill. I can tell you that my cause of it is some family members on Kevin’s side over silly nonsense over whose house will we be celebrating out and when. The typical family type squabbles that trust me I am so trying to ignore and just do my own thing. That said you are 100% correct here on how to deal and thank you for you wise words 🙂

    • Janine, I have been there; we eventually had to eliminate those relatives from the holiday celebrations. Hard to believe it came to that, but it was necessary for everyone else to be able to enjoy the holidays.

      Thank you my friend!

  2. Let’s see…when I feel stressed I have to MAKE myself meditate. It’s the only thing that works. I’ve been making myself try to do it a lot lately. I just try to be mindful of my breathing. Awesome post…said the girl who’s driving to colorado and commenting in the middle of the night. LOL

  3. Have a safe trip Cyndi! As for me….my stress is all behind me, and that is miraculous. 🙂

  4. It’s only in recent years that I’ve come to realize why my Mom used to (still does) get so stressed about the Christmas season. A season that’s meant to be a relaxing time spent witht those you love. Not stress. One thing I’m happy about this year is that we won’t be fighting our way in the malls to try and find the “perfect” present. Nope, everyone is getting a bottle of wine (which we got this weekend at the wine festival) and homemade biscotti. That’s it. It’s weird though, I don’t feel in the spirit yet, there’s still so much to do. Will probably only get there around the first or second week of December. Look forward to reading your article 🙂

    • Mel, the spirit hits me at different times each year. I’m still waiting for it this year, but it will come…it always does. I love your Christmas presents this year; very frugal. 🙂
      Thank you my friend; you are appreciated.


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