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Thoughts on Christmas 2012

I am falling behind on my blogging.  Customers have increased my work load the past couple weeks.  It means more money but it means less time to do what I love doing, which is blogging and writing articles for HubPages.

As always, I’m just grateful to have my necessities taken care of.  Living Simple….need vs want!

Bev and I were talking about Christmas gifts last night.  We are doing, as a family, the envelope gift.  We write on an envelope what we want, and then put the envelope under the tree.  During the holiday season family members then put money in the envelope.  That way we can buy what we really need/want, and we don’t have to throw away those gifts that we wouldn’t be caught dead with. J

Bev and I want/need a chainsaw, so that’s what our envelope will say.  Bev and I also agreed to buy each other one gift with a dollar limit of $50.

And that is the end of my Christmas shopping for 2012.  I figure the holiday gift shopping will cost me $100 this year.

We could spend more, but what would be the point?  We love each other; our family is on board regarding not spending too much money; so why would we spend if there is no reason to do so?

Now I need to find the Christmas decorations up in the attic.  It’s my job because I’m the only one in the family that does not have problems with asthma, and that attic is one dusty place.  Sigh! I’m being punished for being healthy!  LOL



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  1. Bill, you sound like Kevin when he has to do something that I can’t do, because of my bad lower back, lol. Seriously, love the envelope idea and I know what you mean about being behind on stuff. I can’t seem to catch up and get everything done that I would like to do right now either. Just trying to do my best though.

  2. That’s a great idea about the envelope…though I don’t think my kids would go for it. 🙂

  3. We’re keeping things very simple here, too. I do like that envelope idea but it wouldn’t work here too well… there are only two of us! I think Santa will be filling stockings though and we will have cookies so all is well 🙂

  4. Melanie – I have to apologize. For some reason, all your other posts had not shown up and when I visited your page, the last one – til today – was the Wine Weekend one. I will try to go back and take a look. In any case, awesome post and great resources. When I get home tomorrow eveing, I’m hoping things will be a little more back to normal. 😛

  5. And…I meant that for Melanie’s blog, BB – sorry about that. Have multiple windows open, it’s late…driven for 15 hours…more driving tomorrow. Christmas gifts – yes! Simple and sweet. It’s always fun! 🙂

  6. Bill, This is the first post that I’ve received notice on in ages. I, too, am done with Christmas this year. I’m going to possibly have to have an eye operation prior to the holiday, which will take any funds plus. I go for my second opinion later in the week. (Now you all know why I’ve been absent so much as of late). Have a great holiday, my friend!

  7. Oh my goodness! I haven’t even thought about putting up the Christmas tree and that’s in 2 days time! I haven’t really been in the spirit this year…I think it’s because I’ve been so busy with NaNo. But after today there’s no excuse. Boney M CDs and all that 😉 Love the idea of the envelope! Everyone is getting a bottle of wine (from the wine festival we went to recently) and home baked cookies. That’s it. Lol. Maybe next year when I get a few more writing gigs and things are more stable. I’m not really one for presents though, I just want to travel. So a few days on holiday – that’s what I’m working toward next year. 🙂 Great post, Bill!

  8. Now I can enter a proper post and it’s not the middle of the night. Love the message and I hop you get what your envelope says you’re supposed to get. 😉

  9. Chainsaw…hahaha. But don’t you write what you want on the envelope? Didn’t I read that somewhere? I must be getting a mild case of delirium. HAHAHA.

    • Yep, we write what we want, but that’s just so everyone knows what the present is going to be….don’t try to figure it out. It’s a little dorky but it works for us. 🙂 Thanks lil’ Sis!


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