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Are You Trapped In Your Lifestyle?

backwoodsI think there are those out there who think Living Simple is about dropping out of society and living in the backwoods, off of the grid.  They picture people with coon skin hats stalking their prey, and dinners by candlelight in a one-room shanty.

Not by a long shot!  The philosophy of Living Simple is based on a disgust for modern living, the fixation with the almighty dollar, and dependence on credit, and some old-fashioned principles that have been forgotten.

Living Simple is about returning to a lifestyle that is not built around consumerism, but rather around friends and loved ones.  It is about quality over quantity.  It is a complete re-wiring of the thought-process that says the more you own, the better life will be.

Whoever dreamed up the concept of working 40 hour weeks for fifty years was obviously high on something, but the plain and simple truth is that we all bought into it.  We all start working at a fairly early age, and then when we got our paychecks we began accumulating the trappings of life.  We spent more and more, and then we turned to credit to buy more, and all the while we were in fact trapping ourselves into that forty hour work week, and guaranteeing that it would be that way until we were too old to enjoy life.

It does not have to be that way, and the first step is to change your thought process.  Once you have done that then you can work on eliminating credit, and downsizing your life.  Lower bills and you don’t have to make as much money.  Pretty simple, isn’t it?

Modern society thinks backward.  They think that they have to work more hours to pay for a home, and bills, and food, etc.  The fact is that if you downsize, you won’t have to pay so much, and you won’t have to work so much, and then you can start enjoying the remaining time that you have on this planet.

But none of that will happen as long as you cling to the old way of thinking.  As long as your work is determined by your need to pay for more and more things, you will always be several steps away from a simple lifestyle.


About Billybuc

A simple man who has found happiness as a functioning dysfunctional.

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  1. Bill so true that one needs to just slightly adjust the way they are thinking in order to life a more fulfilling life. Yet again a beautiful message and way to start off the weekend!!

  2. The Eastern Philosophy talks about that. We can eliminate suffering if we can eliminate wants. Love your message here, BB. 🙂

  3. This is so true Bill! We do get sucked in so easily by the almighty paycheck. Money is good….in fact, I’m missing my set salary that I had only a few months ago…but I’ll tell you what. I’m MUCH happier now than what I was then. In fact, my plants will tell you that. I used to kill them (by accident), but now they’re thriving. I’m a lot less stressed and it’s helping our relationship a lot. We’re appreciating food more. We have a veggie and herb garden. We’re enjoying going out into nature. We live near the sea and the mountains. I love life!!! You couldn’t pay me to move back into the busier suburbs and take that stressful Accounts and HR job that paid well. Never in a million years. Great post Bill!!!

    • Mel, I love reading comments like this one. Isn’t it fantastic, living the life you live? What freedom! What happiness! And it’s all because you took the necessary steps and got off of the Merry-Go-Round. Hooray for you my friend!

      • What was that song by the band Extreme a decade or two back? Not “More Than Words”…the other one….

        Not “Whole-Hearted”…the OTHER other one…

        “Stop the world…stop the world…I wanna get off…” Yeah, that’s the one. “Stop The World.”

        My friend Pat calls those trapped in the work-spend cycle “Wage Slaves.” I think that sounds just about right. Cheers and Aloha to all those who decided to stop playing the game and focus on things that actually matter. Thanks for keeping up this blog, Bill.

      • Hey Chris, what a nice surprise. How did you find me? Anyway, I played that wage slave game for forty-five years. Some would say I’m a slow learner, and they would probably be correct in that assessment. 🙂

        Thanks for dropping by. I’m not too terribly consistent in writing this blog, but I try to kick out three per week. Customers and hubs take up way too much time.

        Aloha to you my friend

      • How did I find you? Google, my friend…Google… =)

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