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Living Simple: Returning to Priorities in Life

Train ride from Elbe to 018As I have said many times before, Living Simple is about returning to a simpler lifestyle, one where priorities include family, community, and love of mankind.  This weekend has been a stunning reminder of the importance of this movement.

Spend some time reflecting on what is important in your life.  I normally do not tell people what they should think or believe, but if your number one priority is not the loved ones in your life then we have nothing else to talk about.

If, however, your loved ones are your priority, then perhaps you need to think about that fact.  Are you too busy to spend time with loved ones?  Are you so overwhelmed by your job and other responsibilities that you spend less time with loved ones?

If the love of family and friends is most important to you, then act like it.  You are guaranteed this moment and nothing else. If you are waiting until tomorrow to show your love then you are playing a fool’s game.  Right here, right now, is your time to act in accordance with your priorities.  Say “I love you” now and often, and try to stay on the right path as you head off for the future.

My friend Cyndi wrote a blog today about a day of silence this coming Tuesday in memory of the victims in Connecticut.  She also wrote about her desire to organize or become a part of a peach rally.  All admirable thoughts and I salute that thinking.  I leave it to the politicians to debate gun control.  I am much more concerned with what I can do to help humanity, and what I definitely can do is be a living example of peace and love.

H.O.W…..Humanity One World….be the instrument of change!


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A simple man who has found happiness as a functioning dysfunctional.

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  1. I love the “pingback” thingie on my blog – it tells me when someone links to me – and thanks for that, Big Bro!
    Ah, simplicity. It’s a wonderful, wonderful thing. Thanks for the gentle reminder. Now, Ima gonna go give my Juanito a hug! 🙂

  2. Beautifully and simply said. You are correct that our loved ones are priority and we need to show them this each and everyday. Can’t help, but agree 100%!!!

  3. Spent a couple hours with my younger son today at the YMCA swimming pool, then went to Denny’s and shared a bacon-maple syrup milkshake.

    My shoulders are toast, and my belly isn’t any smaller, but it was still the best day ever 🙂

  4. You are so right Bill. We never know what’s going to happen….every minute spent with loved ones is precious.


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