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Do Your Children Have A Good Moral Compass?

wash d.c.I wrote an article today about family values, and I did a historical look back to see when family values started to decrease in our society.

I traced back the historical figures on divorce, and I traced back the historical figures on families where both mom and dad work full-time, and I even discussed the absence of moral education in the school system.  We discussed the advance of consumerism in this country, and how that helped lead us to the point we now stand.

Bottom line, as my friend Linda so beautifully pointed out, is that there are families where there have been divorce and the children still learned moral values.  There are families where both parents worked and still moral values were taught to the children.  There are families where consumerism was advanced and there are families where there is not a pot to piss in, and still moral values were taught and modeled.

It is all about choice and priorities.  If teaching your children to be good citizens and to have a moral compass is important to you as a parent, then that job will be done.  If it is not important to you, then your children will not have a moral compass to navigate by later in life.

Living Simple….getting back to basics, and there is nothing more basic than raising a family in an atmosphere of love, and providing a nurturing environment whereby the child can grow with a strong sense of morality.


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  1. Quite frankly you said it perfectly and couldn’t agree more. I worry everyday that I am teaching my kids right from wrong and how to treat others. I saw it with Emma recently with the little girl in her class that she was not playing with and am proud to say, she not only plays with this kid, but talks of her quite often at home now. Her mom and I are even trying to set up a play date for the girls. In the end, it truly begins in the home and realize how very important it is for us (Kevin and I) to model appropriate behavior. Thanks seriously for talking the time t put this in words and sharing.

    • Janine, you are doing fine. I worried about it constantly, and in the end it turned out I knew exactly what to do….just love them and teach them right from wrong. 🙂

      Thank you my dear friend!

  2. Moral compasses. You said it, Bro. I think the moral standards need to be raised – no matter what all of our situations – it’s just too important because if we don’t, I wonder how we can keep going as a society.


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