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Recent News Screams the Need For Living Simple

summer of 2010 001These two bits of news just came across the internet.

Chicago just had its 500th homicide, the most that they have had in one year since 2008.

Elsewhere, the NRA has vowed to fight an international treaty that would limit global arms trade.

I am living in the wrong time on the wrong planet.

Five hundred homicides in a year, in one city?  An activist group trying to fight a treaty that would put a limit on arms sales at something like $50 billion?  Are we all insane?

Bev and I have three years to go and then we are pulling the plug on this lifestyle.  We will not have any bills in three years; we will be close to living off the grid in three years.  We will be approaching self-sufficiency in three years.wash d.c.

I have no faith in governments to govern, and I have a very jaded opinion of a majority of the human beings I share this planet with.

However, still I am hopeful, and I find that amazing.  If I were raising a small child now I would have some major concerns, and yet I look around and see some incredible acts of kindness that just blow me away.  Every single time I think the worst of humans, they jump up and surprise me by being….human.

Living Simple….it is more important today than it ever was!


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A simple man who has found happiness as a functioning dysfunctional.

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  1. Those two facts alone scare me and very much upset. I do have small kids and just very unnerving to say the least. I am with you that I feel like I am living in the wrong time era sometimes. Your ideas are such a welcome change. Thanks seriously for sharing!!

  2. The more self-sufficient you can be, the better, me thinks. Did you see that if the farm bill doesn’t pass on Jan 1, milk will go up to $8/gal? Hmm…maybe I should entertain the idea of goats. Though on the flip side, I had a fellow farmer-friend liken them to a self-imposed prison sentence b/c you have to milk them without fail twice daily. Sooo…I dunno. Haha.

    • Cynid, we had five goats at one time back in the 80’s…I loved them as pets, and they can clear land with the best machines, but they are a pain in the butt. LOL

  3. Bill, yes….I’ve had plenty of visions and daydreams about moving to Knysna and living with my husband in the forest for the rest of eternity. There’s so much violence in this world. What’s upsetting to me the most is the amount of technology going on. Someone always has to be better up. We can’t live without it. People are stressed out of their minds because they’re in debt. And then they kill themselves over Christmas time leaving behind families and loved ones. It doesn’t make sense. Good luck to you and Bev….I think if we were in your shoes, we’d have similar thoughts!

    • Mel, funny you should mention technology…I have a hub coming about that very point, and how much we depend on it, and how dangerous that is. Thank you my friend; maybe one day you will be able to move to Knysna!

  4. I agree Bill, looking around we see so much craziness and crime. But there are always people that stand up and do something good!


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