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The Inevitable New Year’s Eve Message

summer of 2010 001And so we come to the inevitable New Year’s posting, and the boring and totally sappy look back on the year and the look ahead to a new year.  YAWN!

It has been a great year for Bev and I.  We are well on our way to a Simple Living lifestyle, one that allows us free time to spend with each other and our families, and one that allows us to concentrate on needs and not wants.  For us, the guiding light of our lives is LOVE!  There is nothing else that even approaches love in its importance for us; it is the one principle that is non-negotiable for us.

Judging from the fact that there have been thousands of views on this blog, I am guessing that the message of Living Simple appeals to a great many of you.  I am happy about that, because I really think that our society needs to get back to basics.

Consumerism and materialism are not the paths that lead to happiness.  It seems so obvious to me, and yet daily I see signs that people just don’t get it.  I wish I could shake sense into all of them, but some lessons need to be learned by people the hard way.

Bev and I have learned the hard way, and we will not be forgetting the lessons we have learned.DSCN0948

I wish you all a very Happy New Year.  Thank you for over 15,000 views.  Since I do not make money on this blog, my reward is in knowing that the message is being received and there are more and more people seeing the wisdom in a simple lifestyle.  Bless you all and may 2013 bring you the happiness you deserve!

If you would like to buy my Lifestyle Choices book on Kindle, it only costs a measly $.99…less than a dollar, and you might find some thoughts that will help you along your path to happiness.


About Billybuc

A simple man who has found happiness as a functioning dysfunctional.

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  1. Happy always to be here. Want to wish you and Bev again a very, Happy New Year and hope 2013 brings nothing, but the best!!!

  2. Happy New Year and congrats on the 15,000 views! I hope lots of people will begin to understand that humanity’s collective consumerism actually damages everything on some level. :\

  3. Bought it!

    Happy New Year, Bill!

  4. Happy New Year to both you and Bev! May this year be filled with happiness for you and your family, my friend!

  5. You are obviously doing something right here, Bill! Congrats…you should feel proud, and I KNOW you are making a difference to people all over with your positive messages. Keep going, and I’m going to be buying your book as well later today. Happy New Year! 🙂

  6. As always straight from the heart and this is why you have so many followers and your cause will blossom throughout this new year.
    I will also be buying your book Billy and here’s lots of love from my little corner of Wales for you and Bev.

    • Thank you Eddy! You are one of my oldest and dearest friends on HubPages….you have been so gracious and supportive this past year. Happy New Year my dear friend, and I am so looking forward to supporting each other in the new year.


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