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The Fiscal Cliff and Living Simple

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014So the whole fiscal cliff thing has ended, and now for 80% of us, life returns to normal.

Honestly, I had very little vested interest in the whole fiscal cliff debacle.  That was kind of the point of adopting a Living Simple lifestyle, so that I wasn’t blown out of the water every single time my government couldn’t pull their collective head out of their ass. J

I was interested, however, in that this Congress does not seem interested in learning how to compromise, and the President does not seem to be interested in doing anything that would further lower his rapidly declining popularity. Heaven forbid he do anything that actually might upset the power brokers.  Heaven forbid that Congress actually act for the average taxpayer instead of the special interest groups.

But like I said, this is all a certain amount of nonsense for me because my life is pretty simple and getting simpler.

Could the economy get so bad that it would affect me and my family?   You bet it could, but that is a long ways down the road from where we are now. I don’t think any of us is totally immune from the goings on in the world, but I do believe it is possible to make ourselves less reliant on the political and economic mess we see now.

Living Simple is the only way to go for me and my family.

This afternoon I am going to shut down the computer and go to the library with Bev.  We didn’t get much of a chance to spend time together this weekend, so this Wednesday afternoon seems as good a time as any.  We will then go get an ice cream cone, and then come home and walk our two miles in the chilly twilight of the day.  Then we will sit down to a family dinner, and that will be our day.

Like I said, pretty simple!


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A simple man who has found happiness as a functioning dysfunctional.

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  1. Oh sounds like a wonderful afternoon. Enjoy your time and day with Bev!!!

  2. I love reading your blogs since they radiate so much contentment and peace within you and Bev. This is the kind of lifestyle my family aspires, but with a kid in the house, we got to keep up with his latest demands which we try to fulfill over festival time.

    I agree that with simple living…we will be content with how ever high the tax bracket keeps going 😉

    • Thank you Ruchira! I am blessed to have Bev, and friends like you….you all keep me centered and give me peace of mind….and that, my friend, is living simple. 🙂

  3. Now you’ve got me craving ice cream. :0) Simple. Yes. Refreshing. Following dreams is good, too. Yeppers, let’s see: a simple life of writing, doing some photography and speaking a little Spanish and doing some traveling in an ancient motor home sounds like bliss. 🙂

  4. I think it’s so important to take time off to do things like that, Bill! Especially also if you’re working in stressful jobs and those still part of the rat race – to just take off an afternoon at work, book it off…spend it with your loved ones. Thing is, people don’t realize how simple it is to do this. Great message! 🙂


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