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A Feel Good Story

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Garden Oct 3, 2012 004I just spent ten minutes surfing the Web looking for a feel-good story. I finally gave up and decided to write one.

We have new neighbors moving in next door.  A young couple…Josh and….I forget her name.  They have a six month old baby and a seven year old son, and they are so excited about their new, old home.  Josh went around to the neighbors and introduced himself to all of them.  Get this….he is thirty years old and he took it upon himself to introduce himself to everyone.  So cool to see!

Then they came next door and told us that they admired our garden, and said that they planned on doing a garden, and then we talked about using our shared wire fence to grow a bunch of peas and beans that we all could share.

Then we talked about chickens, and we told them that we were going to build a chicken coop this spring and get five chickens, and he was so excited that now he wants to do the same.   And Bev’s grandson was with us, so he got to meet the new kid next door, and he was excited about having a new playmate.

What’s the point? What I just described doesn’t happen as often as it once did in America.  Two neighbors saying howdy and finding common ground that will lead to a friendship.  We didn’t talk about politics or religion….we talked, basically, about mundane, everyday things that we both had an interest in.  We shared each other’s families and we formed the foundation of a friendship.

And how cool is that?

That, my friends, is what Living Simple is all about!

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Have a great day….unless you made other plans!


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  1. This is a beautiful story. And, yes it is a big deal because we don’t see enough young people grasping the concept of being “neighborly”. You are so blessed.

  2. LOL No other plans here, Bill. I think I’ll just go ahead and HAVE that great day. So good to hear that the concept of “neighbors” still exists in some parts of the country. Sounds like you guys are off on the right foot.

    It’s funny that you mentioned looking around for a feel-good story but couldn’t find one. I was on Facebook moments ago and just had to leave because all the messed up people in the world were pumping me up for a panic attack. So glad I’m subscribed to your blog and found something good to think about at just the right moment.

    Aloha, Bill

    • Chris, it’s the honest to God truth….you have to really work at finding good news. How sad it that? Hell, buddy, I would rather live in a fantasy world and invent my own good news than play around on Facebook or watch tv for entertainment. It’s amazing more people aren’t suicidal.

      Aloha to you my friend; enjoy that sunshine.

  3. I loved reading this story and seriously awesome that you and your neighbors have seemed to find common ground Thanks for sharing!!

  4. You’re right, it just doesn’t happen anymore. Since becoming an adult, I have lived in over 10 different places. Out of all those moves, only two did I really meet any neighbors, and one was mostly in passing.
    Kudos to your new neighbor, and thanks for the story.

  5. That’s a cute story! I wish our neighbors were cool like that – you know, liked to live a little more simply. 🙂 I love feel good stories! I am wishing you the bestest 2013 ever. 🙂

  6. I can’t believe people do this, and that’s so sad. Nowadays here as well, people don’t talk to each other. Occasionally they wave good morning. We don’t know any of our neighbours, they don’t seem friendly. They probably think the same about us. Oh well, I swear the next place we move, we’ll start off by introducing ourselves to the neighbours. It was so good to read this, and sounds like you have some great neighbours, Bill! 🙂

  7. A wonderful story Billy and isn’t life great when we hear of such simple but beautiful meetings and friendship which very often follows .
    Have a wonderful weekend.

    • It’s true, Eddy; I have to tell you that his gesture shocked me. I’m just not used to seeing it from someone so young in today’s world. Thank you for the visit my friend.


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