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My Rant Against Technology

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wash d.c.I posted an article today that addressed my concerns with the technological advancement in recent decades.

Of course we can’t turn back the clock and return to a time when we had no computers or cell phones.  I realize that, and although Bev and I are taking steps to become as self-sufficient as possible, I realize fully that I am typing this blog on a computer, so I’ll try not to be too big of a hypocrite.

No, my main problem….well, I have two main problems.

One, I see the advancements in technology making it much easier for humans to not interact on a face-to-face basis, and I think that is sad.  I think communication needs to include body signals, voice inflection, and hundreds of other little signals and actions that make up communication.  That is not possible on a cell phone while texting, or on an email.

The other problem I have is from a teaching point of view.  I have always believed that critical thinking is the greatest gift that I could give my students, and critical thinking, for the most part, is based on the Scientific Method.  I see that disappearing with the new generations.  There is no need to problem solve when the internet will problem solve for you.

What we are seeing are millions of students who cannot problem solve, and that’s a frightening thought as they prepare for a career.  Basic common sense is missing, and that is also frightening.

So there you have it.  My rant against technology!  Now excuse me while I go film a new video for YouTube. LOL

Living Simple… least I know what the Scientific Method is!


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  1. Well said Bill, I could not agree more!


  2. Thanks Mark; you are as loyal as they come, and I’ll go to my grave telling anyone who will listen that you are a good man.

  3. Perfect reasons and agree with Mark that you said it perfectly!!

  4. Can I just tell you that your comment over at my blog made my day? Can I also just tell you that this new school (where I will be at very part time so I can pay the bills and continue to write like crazy) doesn’t allow the use of technology until middle school? I LOVE this place! I already feel so appreciated and so loved – which was not the case at my old school. It’s AMAZING! I’m just so freaking happy right now that I can’t even contain myself. 🙂

    • I’m glad, Cyndi, because I don’t want you to start doubting yourself. You are a writer….you are creative….you have imagination….and you will succeed. Just be patient and keep working at your craft.

      As for that school….hooray! Isn’t it fantastic when you are in a nurturing environment? I’m so happy for you lil’ Sis!

  5. I agree with you on the face to face communication of today. It’s really sad. I remember getting dozens of phone calls on my birthday – okay, so not face to face…but wait….and now, instead, it’s a quick Facebook message on my wall. That’s fine for people I don’t know very well or don’t speak to now and then, but really. How hard is it to just pick up the phone and wish someone happy birthday?! Super post! 🙂


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