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Pallet Homes For the Homeless….A Living Simple Idea

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pallet deskI’ll let you know right now that this blog is a little bizarre, but welcome to my mind.  I never claimed to be normal so I’ve never lied to you.

I was looking at this video of pallet houses…..that’s right, houses made of pallets…, take a look.

Anyway, they are so easy to build with, and there are only like 20 million of them in parking lots across America (I made that figure up by the way) and I couldn’t help but wonder why this country couldn’t start a program where pallet houses are built for the homeless in this country?  If every major city donated land and made a kind of pallet city for the homeless…..I know, weird idea, but hey, it’s better than any ideas I see coming so far.

And what does this have to do with Living Simple you ask? Well, obviously living in a pallet house is simple living, but beyond that, Living Simple is about getting back to the old ways, where citizens cared about each other.  The homeless are real people. They cry real tears and they bleed real blood, and I think it is a national shame that these hundreds of thousands live the way they do.

So there you go!  Welcome to the mind of Bill Holland!


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  1. Wow, awesome idea and never knew anything about this. Seriously thanks for sharing and would be a better world if this could actually happen. Bill, you really are a special person and a true hero and please never change 🙂

    • Janine, I have no idea how you got to this so fast. I barely posted it, switched to my email, and there you were. Do you have any idea how much I appreciate you? Thank you…I hope you always think that I am special. 🙂

  2. An awesome Idea Bill, there are any number of variations that could be created using this basic building technique! If City’s and or County’s could step up to provide the space, this could help immeasurably.


  3. Homeless need shelter for sure. That is a noble cause. More than that, I have visions in my head of cool pallet houses with the middle of the pallets stuffed with warm insulation for those cold days. Awesome idea!

  4. I’ve heard of “Pallet Town” but…

    Okay. Why not, right? It beats a park bench! (for everybody)

    I know the article was about helping the homeless and all, but MAN! I’m digging that pallet desk in the photo. I bet there must be TONS of cool DIY projects turning pallets into furniture.

    In that spirit, I remember years ago, my dad worked in cable tv construction, and he took one of those giant wood spools they were going to throw away, laid it on its side, and we used it as a dining table in our back yard.

    Now that was cool. I think Dad would like that pallet desk too. I’ll have to send him a link.

    Aloha, Bill

    • I did a hub about pallet construction…there are a ton of cool things to do with them….we had a spool too in the backyard and I still smile when I think about it….in fact, I’ve been looking for one for a dining room table. LOL

      Thanks Chris!

  5. You are so very right, Bill. It’s so easy for government to agree to help the homeless, but they don’t. In our country, it’s spent on jets, holidays overseas, mansions and clothes. Our tax money is spent on our president and his 6 or 7 wives. Yes, he really has that many…and their children. There’s nothing we can do. Oh, and he just said that black people living here shouldn’t have dogs – that it’s against their culture. So I’m really not happy with the way things are being run here. But that’s a whole other story. I remember there being talk a few years ago about complexes being built for the homeless in higher buildings so that there wouldn’t be so many shacks on the ground. Just the other week we drove past a huge fire and 4000 are now homeless. It’s very sad. People in positions of power need to wake up!

    • Mel, it is fascinating, and sad, to hear about these problems in other countries. Thank you for sharing that……the poor shall rise up? I wonder, or are they going to continue to roll over and allow this kind of treatment?

  6. Bill,

    Pallet houses are definitely economical, but I think cob houses might be a better idea. They take a bit more time to put up, but they’re hurricane proof, earthquake proof and they last for millions of years (I made that up, too. Following suit here, lol.) Okay, not millions, but LOTS of years and if one DOES get damaged, they’re really easy to fix. 🙂

    So, maybe we could villages for the homeless made of cob and make some of the furniture out of recycled pallets?

    Just a thought, lol.


    • Hey femme…I’ve never heard of cob houses; now I’ll have to do some research. Love the idea without even knowing what it is. LOL

      • Bill,

        Get ready to be impressed. Cob has been around for centuries. If you’ve ever traveled “across the pond”, you can see them all over the place. It’s beautiful stuff, and it can come out looking like whatever the builder can envision.

        It’s eco-friendly and kinda makes me think of Play-Doh for grownups. 🙂


  7. Heading there now, femme; thanks a bunch!


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