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When Do You Plan On Retiring?

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015There was an article on Yahoo yesterday asking the question is 50 the new 70 for many professionals?

In other words, more and more professionals i.e. lawyers, doctors, business executives are getting burned out at an earlier age, and many are opting to retire by the age of fifty.

Interesting!  Kind of fits in with this whole Living Simple idea!

I was thinking about what I would have done if I had it all to do over again.  Well, the first answer, and the one everyone wants from a philosophical perspective, is that I would not change anything because all actions led me to here, and here I am a happy man.

Okay, push that one aside for a moment and just play along with me.  Yes, I am happy and contented, but what if?loving life on a hike

If I could do it over again, I would have delayed going to college.  I would have worked for a few years and then said “to hell with it” and started travelling around the world and enjoying myself.  Sow the wild oats and experience as much as possible before I had to settle down and become a member of the work force for forty-five years.

You see, we have it all backwards in this society.  We work our asses off until we are too old to enjoy our retirement years.  What the hell sense does that make?

Happily, I finally figured it out, and I quit after sixty-two years. I am still in good health and I still have some great days ahead of me.  I am done with the rat race and I am done with the silly notion that money can buy me happiness.

Today I Live Simply and enjoy life so much more.


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  1. I am with you on this and wish I would have enjoyed my youth a bit more. Not that I am old, but I just mean before I had kids and settled down. I think we are all conditioned to get into the rat race immediately and not take time to smell the roses. Now don’t get me wrong (as you said also), I love my family and my life, but there are times I just wish I would have taken a bit of time before entering the real world so to speak. Great post and truly made me think a bit here.

    • Thanks Janine! I have often told this to my students….why go to college immediately? Have some fun….they looked at me like I’d lost my mind. We are conditioned in this society….school, work, make a family….settle down…become a productive member of society….almost sounds like the old Communist Russia. LOL

  2. We do work our asses off, dammit. After I graduated early from college, I moved to a ski area for what I thought was three months. There I met my future husband. It was one of the best experiences of my life. If I had to do it again, I would put off college and do more travelling, like you said. Backpacking in Europe is STILL on my bucket list, though I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to do that. But, it’s so much fun to dream. 🙂

    • Cyndi, my bucket list is on its fifth page. LOL I have to find a way to make decent money doing this writing gig…’s fulfilling but it barely leaves me any money to pursue dreams.

      Thanks lil’ Sis!

  3. You know, what you say here really feels like a light-bulb going off – “we have it all backwards in this society. We work our asses off until we are too old to enjoy our retirement years.” – YES!! That’s so true. I so badly want to travel, I can’t describe it – it’s just in my blood. I feel almost caged sometimes because I’m not able to do that now – we’re not able to. My husband tells me we can travel one day after we’ve had kids. What 20 years later? When I’m exhausted and not able to do things that I’m able to do now? I don’t plan on being a lazy 50 year old, but let’s just face reality here. So I’m with you there Bill! Maybe I should start entering the lotto. I’d quite happily work until I’m 50 if I had a few weeks to travel the world. That’s the dream and I’m sticking to it…even if it is only a dream right now 😉

  4. Mel, I certainly hope that your dream comes true! How fantastic would that be, to travel while you are still young enough to enjoy it? Don’t wait until you are my age to make that dream a reality.

    Thank you Mel; I hope you had a great Friday!

  5. Lawrence Kitzmann

    Couldn’t agree more, after 2 yrs of junior college I took time off to back pack through much of Westerrn Europe and the British Isles. Now some 30+ yrs later my wife and I are both retired teachers and spend as much time as money allows for seeing as much of the world as possible. Perspective truly is everything and travel gives you that perspective.


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