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The Opposite of a Simple Life

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loving life on a hikeI was reading an article on Yahoo about the perks that The President gets for being….well, the President.

There was a whole list of them that included $400,000 per year in salary….quite a large expense account…..$173,000 per year for life after he leaves office……yada, yada, yada.

Then there was a little accounting about costs.  Did you know that one round-trip flight to Hawaii on Air Force One costs $3.2 million?  I hope the nuts are good!

Did you know that it costs $1.6 billion to run the White House for a year?  I hope the nuts are good!  LOLA Saturday drive in late April, 2012 005

Okay, the point is…..I can’t wrap my brain around those kinds of figures.  I can’t wrap my brain around the smallest of those figures, the $173,000 salary per year.  That is over eight times what I make in a good year.

You see, I have a simple life.  I do not receive death threats.  I do not receive hate mail.  I do not travel with hundreds of people.  I do not have stress in my life, and my actions do not cost the taxpayers anything at all.

My time is my own; I work for myself and make my own decisions about my own life.  I have ample time to spend with loved ones, and the biggest concern I have today is making sure that Bev does not overdo it and get sick once again.

You see, I have a simple life…..and it is a life I love!

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  1. I can’t imagine those numbers, either. In a way, I’ve always thought that having so much money is a burden rather than a blessing because you’re having all the security issues! Great post!

  2. I am with you and couldn’t ever imagine those numbers and that is just insane. Hope you have a great weekend Bill!!

  3. It’s sickening actually to think of the money that some people earn. Most of those people are in debt too. They just don’t know when to stop buying. I said to Geoff yesterday that I was glad I married him, because if I had to win the lotto one day I wouldn’t know where to begin. I’d want to travel EVERYWHERE and donate to a few charities and shelters. He has his head screwed on properly though – he’d invest most of it. I don’t get how so many people can earn so much and not give back to causes or people in need. It boggles my mind!

    • Mel, I always love your comments, and I appreciate the time you take on them. Thank you! I don’t understand it either, Mel, but then I don’t understand greed or callousness or not caring about others either. 🙂


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