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A Shout Out To Two Dear Friends of Mine

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001I want to give a shout out to two writers I call friends of mine.  I’ll tell you why I’m doing this when I get done telling you how great they are. J

The first is Melanie from the great country of South Africa.  I met Mel on the writer’s site HubPages, and have gotten to know her over the past few months.  I have found her to be delightful, a genuine human being who cares deeply about mankind and animals.

Today Mel announced that all of her hard work has paid off and she has been hired for an internship for a local online magazine.  She was so excited and those of us who know her are excited as well.

The next is a lady I call my lil’ Sis.  Cyndi quit her teaching job last year to devote all of her time to writing and photography.  Let me repeat that:  she quit a teaching job that gave her benefits and security to write full time.  Since she did that she has gone full-speed ahead with her writing, photography, and artwork, as well as post articles and blog entries and set up her own website and on and on and on.wash d.c.

She is a whirlwind of activity and she overflows with positive vibes, and she will tell anyone who is listening that she is happy with her decision because she can now follow her passion.

These two women, both friends of mine, gave up a certain amount of security and comfort and chose to follow their dreams.  They both love their husbands very much and spend a great deal of time with loved ones and friends. In other words, they are the embodiment of Living Simple.

I am truly proud to call these two remarkable people my friends. I am humbled to know them and I can’t wait to see what great things are in store for them in the near future.


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  1. Beautiful and I too am so proud of these two, as well as happy to call them my friends Great shout to them Bill 🙂 🙂

  2. I was on my way to bed when I saw your email notification and had to open to read, and boy – am I glad I did – thank you so much Bill!! 🙂 What a surprise! You’re the cherry on top of my day. Thank you for always being so supportive, and you know how much you inspire me because I tell you all the time, lol. We will keep supporting each other, and now more than ever, I believe how possible things are with the right attitude…even though we may have our off days. This new side job is only for 3 months and it’s an internship…so no money, but it’s a foot in the right direction – it’s a start, and that’s the main thing. I’ve still got a way to catch up to you and your novels and articles though, you’ve set the bar pretty high. Thanks for being a great friend – I’m so glad our paths crossed. 🙂

    • Mel, sometimes monetary rewards are just not that important. You made a foothold in the industry today and that’s what is important. Quite frankly that’s more than I have done. I have yet to have anyone take notice and ask me to write for them. Well done, Mel. I am very excited and happy for you.

  3. I hadn’t heard Mel’s announcement yet. That’s wonderful news! She’s making great progress. I’m sure even more opportunities will come her way as a result.

  4. Well done and congratulations to both!

  5. You rock, Big Bro! I just got back from a meeting at school and found this in my inbox. Thank you so much for your kindness. I have to tell you that once I took that step to quit the day-to-day grind, it freed up my thinking in ways that I’m still uncovering. I didn’t know I could write until I found HubPages, but I used that as a stepping stone to create the website which is a stepping stone to fulfilling my lifelong dream of being autonomous and creating with photography, writing and art. I couldn’t have done it without support networks and amazing people that I look to for inspiration. Thank you, my friend. Keep on keepin’ on! 🙂

  6. PS – it’s moments like this that REALLY make this decision to follow my passion worth it. It’s not an easy road, but it’s the road I know I want to be on. It’s my personal road with pretty colors and potholes, but I call it my own. 😉

  7. Cyndi, I remember us talking when you were thinking about making the move. You were excited and scared and had no idea what the future held for you. Now look it….six or seven months later and you have a direction and a dream, and you are energized and loving your life. There is no price tag on that my friend; it’s called happiness. 🙂


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