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Iceland Takes Governing To A Brand New Level of Insanity

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loving life on a hikeReykjavik District Court ruled Thursday that the name “Blaer” can be used. It means “light breeze.”


Thus began my morning, reading that a 15-year old girl in Iceland had won the right to use the name her mother had named her.

It seems that Iceland has a strict code that is used in determining if a name is proper with regards to grammar. It turns out Iceland isn’t the only country to have these “name” codes.  Germany and Denmark also have such codes.

Now seriously, I have nothing against Iceland, Denmark, or Germany.  I’m sure they are lovely countries in which to live, and I’m sure they are filled with wonderful people who have many commonalities with those of use from England, the United States, France or wherever.


Does the government of Iceland have nothing better to do than make rules regarding the naming of a child?014

I’ll bet it would take me five minutes to find some similarly stupid rules in the United States.  Google will provide me with all the fodder I need to point out that governments are here to serve the people.  They derive their mandate from the will of the people.

In a simple life, there would be no rules about naming a child, especially a name that is as beautiful as “light breeze.”

The insanity of governments around the world is one reason why I have chosen to sort of drop out and adopt the Living Simple lifestyle.  My mind would explode if I did not do something to divorce myself from the stupidity I see every single day.


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  1. Yet another very good example of the antics of Government!

  2. Yet again said perfectly. That the government has nothing better to do than police naming one’s children is ridiculous. Thanks for sharing this here and am with you on this one.

  3. Amazing how humans find the smallest of things to complicate life. And people wonder why there’s so much stress, strikes, and war. It’s because of little things like this. I mean really….I can’t imagine living in a country like that. Denmark now has two strikes against it in my eyes. The first was their annual dolphin slaughter that they do for “fun”. No thanks…I will not be visiting there ever. Great post, makes me feel grateful to live in SA…even though there’s race issues that will never go away and a lot of other things, at least we get to choose our own names for our children!

    • Mel, I thought about you when I typed in Denmark because I had heard about the dolphin slaughter. I have to shake my head and times and wonder who we can all be of the same species. Sigh!

  4. I have a friend named Theomer (pronounced “Chomer”…like “Homer” but with a “ch”). His parents wanted him to have a name that no other person on the planet had. Totally unique. Fortunately, he wasn’t born in Iceland, or there would have been problems 🙂

  5. So I don’t guess names like Mineral Water and Bitter Winter would fly in Denmark, lol. Huh… bureaucracy at its finest for sure. Harumph! Good post. 🙂

  6. Oh oh….I met someone named Chandelier the other day…just thought I’d come back and share. 😉


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