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Finding Simplicity From Childhood Memories

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wash d.c.The simplicity of childhood. I was thinking about that last night after watching a YouTube of the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show.

Life was simple for me then.  I had no problems.  Like most kids, I looked forward to moving out of my home, going away to college, and entering the adult world where everything seemed to be so cool and exciting.

That simple life came to a halt five years after I saw the Beatles’ performance.  My dad died, and suddenly I was the head of the family at the age of nineteen, and a slow decent into unhappiness followed.let it be

I did not really end that descent into unhappiness until six years ago when I stopped drinking and embraced that same simple lifestyle I left when I was nineteen.  Yes, I went back in time, and I’m happy to report that it is as lovely a lifestyle as I remember it being.

I am, I guess, having my second childhood.  That’s what us old farts are supposed to do, right? We slip back into the childhood of our past and before you know it we need diapers. LOL  Well, I’m a few years from that happening. In fact, I am having the time of my life because I embraced that simple lifestyle.

What I have come to realize is that the problems of the past were caused by me and how I handled those problems.  A wise man once told me to not sweat the small stuff and it’s all small stuff.  Once I grasped that reality then my problems suddenly disappeared.  What I once called problems I now call life.  Funny what a change in perspective will do for you, isn’t it?


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  1. Oh so true Bill and can tell you this I think you totally have a great outlook and wonderful way of looking at life. I love reading your Hubs and blog articles, too because of this. Have great day as always my friend!! 🙂

  2. Yes, hopefully you’re a few decades (at least) away from diapers, LOL. I can’t believe how time flies, though. Man! If I only knew 10 years ago what I know now….LOL

  3. This is so honest as all your writing is and I am finding again that I can relate once more ;another jigsaw piece to slot in. At the young age of 15yrs-16yrs I was unruly ;my headmaster at school who knew of what I had been through tried his best to persuade me to stay on;I remember his words as if they were yesterday!!

    “You should be talking about what University you are going to go to and not coming here to tell me you are leaving school altogether. ”

    I did not listen and left school and was drinking heavily ;then at the age of 17yrs I met my husband to be who was 34 yrs;an alcoholic and known to beat up his first wife. Maybe it was the father figure and his reputation of being a tough guy that attracted me ;I think I felt protected !! I stopped drinking as soon as I knew I was pregnant with my first son. By the time I was 19 yrs I had two children and his ex died so his two daughter’s from the first marriage moved in with us. They were only 4 and 5 yrs younger than me.He took no interest whatsoever in them and it was down to me to look after them and my own babies. I became the Chameleon;fitting into my surroundings; and that was to stay with me for the first 4 decades of my life. I loved your humour Billy as you say:- ” I am, I guess, having my second childhood. Thats what us old farts are supposed to do, right? We slip back into the childhood of our past and before you know it we need diapers. LOL Well, Im a few years from that happening.” Brilliant ha ha ha! I am also in my second childhood and today do not say that I wish I had never met my ex because if I hadn’t I wouldn’t have my children or grandchildren.My former life is what has made me into the person I am today. Thanks for this gem and please keep them coming. Lots of love Eddy.

    The Art of Living Simp

    • Eddy, what a beautiful comment. Yes, our past is there for us to learn from, and I am thankful today for my past. Of course it was painful, but life is about pain as well as happiness. None of us is immune, and each of us can choose to learn from that pain or go through life clueless and unhappy. I am so happy that you and I saw the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. Thank you Eddy. Sending love your way from Olympia.

  4. Such wise words my friend….not to sweat the small stuff. Recently, I’ve started doing that again. I think it’s all the stress of my friend’s upcoming wedding, etc. Luckily, my saving grace are the calming words of my husband, or the whipping I get from a good workout with Ms. Jillian Michaels’s DVD. Thanks Bill!


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