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Air Pollution Causes Six Million Deaths Per Year

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summer of 2010 001New figures were just released stating that air pollution causes over six million deaths per year.

Most of the problem appears to center in China and India, but the United States has more than its share as well with Los Angeles having the highest rate of death by air pollution.

I’m wondering if this problem will go away in our lifetime….how about our children’s lifetime?  This is one of those problems that appears to be so large that I wonder if it is possible to fix it.  I live in Olympia, Washington, a city that prides itself on its Liberal and environmental leanings, and yet if you drive down the street you will see an interesting mix of Smart cars and gas-guzzling SUV’s.   Even in this bastion of environmental causes it seems the residents are torn over the internal combustion engine.

Of course, the underlying, root problem is over-population and again, how do you tackle that problem? The day we have bedroom police making sure new children aren’t conceived is the day I will move to the wilderness and homestead away from civilization.

Living Simple is about lifestyle choices.  It is about making decisions that deal with what is truly important in life.  Recently Bev had a horrible bout with asthma. It went on for more than a week and there were times I was very close to taking her to the emergency room.  It coincided with a particularly strange weather pattern that trapped pollutants at ground level.  The air was yellow for more than a week, and even people who do not have respiratory problems, like me, had a hard time breathing during walks.  Can you imagine living like that daily like in Beijing or New Dehli or Los Angeles?

I sure hope we wake up soon and start to realize what is important in life…..namely life itself.


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  1. Wow, I knew Bev hadn’t been feeling well, but that just sounds scary and do hope that people do start to walk up as to what they are doing to our air we breathe and the environment in general. Seriously, hope she is doing better and has been in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Glad to hear Bev is doing better. As for the pollution, well, it’s just one thing of many that worry me about what humans are doing to the planet. Oil wells, fracking, deforestation, mountaintop removal, methane gases, ethnic “cleansing”, nuclear weapons, nuclear waste – these encompass the many reasons I struggle with the idea of bringing a child into the world: there are already so many here and we’ve got to figure out how to fix our huge mess. *sigh* Thought-provoking post. 🙂

    • That fracking business is nasty for sure….how many acres of trees are cut down daily? This world is a mess lil’ Sis and I don’t blame you for questioning bringing a child into it. Any sane-thinking human being would do the same.

      • Yeah, I was just reading an article about fracking last night. *sigh* I realize I should shy away from reading so much of this, but it’s like it’s everywhere you turn. Then I was thinking how, at every point in history, there has always been strife: religious wars, the battles in the middle ages, the discovery of the new world (which was not a good thing for Native Peoples), the industrial revolution, corporations, WW I & II, the Great Depression…etc. But, I tend to think right now is critical: I feel like we’re at the Tipping Point – and I’m not sure what to do about it. I’m a pretty optimistic person, but I am also a cynic. *sigh*

  3. Cyndi, Bev calls me a cynical optimist, and that’s pretty accurate. We always have had strife, but I think what we are seeing right now has the potential for more long-lasting harm than at any other time in history. I am concerned…greatly concerned….and I lived through the Cold War when people thought the world was going to be blown up. 🙂

  4. Sometimes you’ll look up into the sky when you’re closer to town and find a light yellow, almost greyish tinge where the land/sea meets the sky. It’s disgusting. We get it here too. Makes me wonder how things are going to be in 5-10 years from now. With all this technology and being able to work from home or satellite offices, I’m still dumbfounded as to why so many companies will insist on keeping offices. So much traffic and pollution could be avoided if companies started looking into their employees working from home over Skype, the Internet, etc. It’s crazy.

    • It is crazy, Mel, and your point is a good one. Working at home, I don’t venture out much, and I’m always surprised by the pollution on the horizon when I go for a drive. Something has to change soon for all of our sake.


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