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When Money Just Is Not Enough

loving life on a hikeI struggled this weekend with a decision.  I don’t know how many of you know this, but for a year I had a paper route in the middle of the night.  I was trying to make some extra money shortly after I went full-time to writing, and so each and every night I was up at 11:30 delivering papers until four a.m.  Seven nights a week.  Then I would sleep for three hours and then start in on my writing day.

Bev had a paper route for thirteen years… nights per week for thirteen years.  So when I quit my route I talked her into quitting hers as well.  What a miracle when we quit.  Suddenly we were rested and our health improved, and although we were not making as much money we were healthier and happier.

Last week the guy I gave the route to wanted to know if I would do it for him for one week so he could go on vacation.  I wrestled with that decision all weekend.  On the one hand we need the money.  On the other hand my life would be completely disrupted for not only the week I did the route but for a week afterwards while I regained a normal sleeping pattern.

In the end, I had a talk with Bev and we agreed that I shouldn’t do it.  The extra money just was not worth the peace of mind I would be giving up.  I love my routine, and an extra $300 is not enough to make me give my routine up, even for just one week.

Living Simple is more than a philosophy.  It is also a way of life and a commitment.

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  1. After all this time, I didn’t know you both had paper routes, but can see you reasoning on why you quit and also why you didn’t want to take over your friend’s route even for a short lived week. Your philosophy is quite simple (yes no pun in deeded) and can totally understand it, too!! 🙂

  2. Hi Bill,

    I did a paper route here in Hawaii for a couple years, and I totally understand that decision. I remember falling asleep behind the wheel at red lights and even falling asleep while on foot and walking right into the bushes!

    The money was pretty good, especially since I was assisting the manager and handling all the missed deliveries for our district after the sun came up. But there’s no way I would do it again. You have to completely adjust your lifestyle to accommodate that 24//7/365 part-time job. LOL

    No stinking way.

    I remember rolling papers while watching the Twin Towers burning on my boss’ portable tv. I called my wife at 3am and told her to go watch the tv. She asked, “What channel?” I responded, “Any channel.”

    • Chris, it is the one and only time I have worked a graveyard shift and I’ll never do it again. Like you said, it completely disrupts your lifestyle and I see no reason to do that again. I would finish some nights and not remember doing half the route….that’s when you know that maybe you might want to re-think your career choice. LOL

      Thanks buddy and Aloha to you!

  3. Yeah, see, I just turned down a lucrative photography job for similar reasons. I’m have a post scheduled for tomorrow that goes into more detail, but yes…good for you. 🙂

  4. Sometimes there are other things more important than money. I believe that we can all get by with the Lord’s help. Then when a better opportunity comes by we can take that.


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