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Thoughts About The Snow Angel Campaign in Boston

006I see where Boston has started a “snow angel” campaign, asking neighbors to grab a shovel and help other neighbors dig out from last week’s snowstorm.  What a concept!  Neighbors helping neighbors!  You mean, like the old days when everyone helped everyone else?

Great suggestion and program and of course I’m all for it.  What I found amazing is that people needed to be reminded of this fact.  Helping others….isn’t this just something we all should be willing to do, and why would people need to be reminded of it?

Have we as a society become so insulated and so guarded that we would not be willing to grab a shovel and help those who are in need after a major snowstorm?

One of the weird things I have noticed about society is that when a major storm hits, or some major catastrophe, it is front page news for like two days and then some new story takes over the headlines, and everyone forgets that there was a problem somewhere else two days ago.  I have a friend who lives in Joplin, Missouri, and that city had a huge tornado hit it two years ago.  They are still recovering from the damage that tornado caused, and I heard the other day that there are still people living in makeshift shelters in the New Orleans area after the damage done by Katrina, and that was what, five years ago?  Six?cropped-HOW-Header-846

The damage done by one of these storms does not magically disappear just because the story is no longer news.  Pick up a shovel and help your neighbor.  That’s what neighbors do.  It was commonplace in the old days when people had a simpler lifestyle, and quite frankly it should be commonplace today, no matter how busy people are.


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  1. So true and must say we do have descent neighbors and we are in return, because everyone did pitch in help with the snow cleanup this past weekend. But very sad indeed when people need to be told or reminded rather than just do it instinctively. I am with you on this Bill, enough said!!

    • Janine, I just don’t understand it. When I was about twelve years old my dad volunteered me to the neighbors to shovel their walks. I was not happy about it until the people started thanking me and I could see how truly happy I had made them. I have never forgotten that.

  2. Yes…good to focus on neighbors helping neighbors. 😀

  3. If only people helping people could be an everyday occurrence.


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