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Staying the Path With A Lifestyle Purpose

summer of 2010 001I wrote an article today about personal mission statements.  I went on to say that knowing what our purpose is in life is very important so that we can keep focused and moving in the right direction.

Living Simple is part of my mission statement.  When I concentrate on living a simple life of family, faith and love, my life is on the right track.  When I concentrate on making lots of money and finding fame through my writing, I have taken my eye off of the ball.

Good things will come to me if I concentrate on what is truly important.  Some religion, and I forget which one right now, talks about the path of least resistance.  I have no resistance in my life when I am living by my mission statement.  On the other hand, my life gets complicated when I step outside of my path and start stressing over views and money and the future.015

The bottom line is that this is all my choice.  I can choose to live simply without a care in the world, or I can complicate the hell out of my life and be miserable.

I know which one I’m going to choose today.

On a totally unrelated note, the birds are chirping and it is 43 degrees and drizzling today.  I really need a sign of spring soon. J  It will be good for my serenity.


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A simple man who has found happiness as a functioning dysfunctional.

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  1. Awesome yet again Bill and by the way I am with you as you already know and so in need of Spring already!!

  2. Ah, spring. I LIVE for sunshine, man. The darker, dreary days of winter will give me SAD if I don’t watch out, LOL. But, you’re right: it’s just around the corner. 😀

  3. Bill, I think you are wanting Spring as much as I am wanting Autumn, lol. Just a few more weeks…. You’ve reminded me that I need to start getting out into nature a bit more. Those hikes and walks on the beach are calling. I’ve spent too much time catching up on series and should be enjoying outdoors while we can and before winter sets in. Great message my friend, happy Wednesday!

    • Hey Mel! I promised myself yesterday that when the warmer weather comes I will start taking breaks during the day and go for more walks. Too much writing makes Bill a dull boy. 🙂


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