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loving life on a hikeScanning the news I came across a story about a family of three in Berlin that lives without money.  You can read it here

It seems this guy and his wife work for others in exchange for room and board.  It’s a variation of the old barter system that has basically died in industrialized nations.  This couple is doing it as a way to raise awareness about the excessive consumerism in the world.

I read an article recently that estimated that 1/3 of the world’s food production is wasted.  One third!

Then I read an article about some home worth $117 million.deron

Then I read an article about the entire Bulgarian government resigning because of pressure from the Bulgarian citizens over the poor standard of living there.

Is it just me or is there a whole bunch of craziness in the world today?  I sit here watching the rain fall outside my writing studio, and I think about my day and upcoming weekend, and I have no thoughts of excess.  I have no stress.  I have goals and I work towards them, and I spend every waking hour loving my family.  My life couldn’t be much simpler and perhaps that is why so many things in the world baffle me.

Why does a person need a $117 million home?  Why is so much food wasted?  Why have things gotten so bad that the poor have to rise up in protest for not having the basics to live on?

015There is a big world out there, and even though these things do not affect me on a daily basis, they affect me on a human level.  Consumerism and the good old market society may well be, one day, the downfall of industrialized nations.  The poor everywhere may one day rise up and say that they have had enough.  It has happened before in history and there is no reason why it won’t happen again.

Just random thoughts as I sit here watching the rain fall on Olympia, Washington.


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  1. Ya know, it IS a crazy world. I do suspect, though, that it’s always been crazy. I was watching a documentary on how in the middle ages, people didn’t have anything like home security and home invasions and robberies were extremely common. To combat it, people walked in groups and never at night, but even during the day they could find themselves victimized.
    But then John and I have discussions on a strange idea. I wonder if a group of peacelovers and intellectuals went and colonized a planet. I think we really could have an interesting breed of humans. But then I think, okay the peacemakers and intellectuals would get attacked and overpowered because they wouldn’t have any arms. LOL…I have no idea. I just wish we humans would get over ourselves, create a world without borders and look out for each other. Apparently that is too much to ask. *sigh* I’m such an idealist.

  2. I am with you on this and think it is crazy. I couldn’t even begin to imagine having that much home. And very interesting concept about the couple who works in each exchange for room and board. I am with you this though and just wish others were, too!

    • Janine, I know I sound like a raving lunatic, but I think the economy is going to get worse, and I think we are going to see riots in the streets of America within a couple years. Something has to change my friend. 🙂 Thank you!

  3. Totally in agreement Bill. Here I sit at my PC. Glad that the roof of my “castle” is still holding up. I have three rooms to roam around in and that’s enough. Basically I use just the one which is a combination of bedroom and workroom and dining room. With regards to food when I get down to work food is second and I sit here with a glass of orange juice and a bag of corn chips beside me. My best days are when I can work all day and have enough time to take a walk around the country roads here. For entertainment I don’t mind going grocery shopping or to the large central market in the city where you can see all sorts of odd thing. I don’t need much and I can’t understand those who do. I have the basics and of course love and there is my darling cat Sid. What more could a woman want???? Hugs.

  4. It’s crazy. Some of the mansions here as well – it’s ridiculous. Who needs that type of money? I read a great quote the other day that said something along the lines of there being many poor people in the world today, and that all they have is money. Very true. The more you have the more you want. And the taxes and stress that go along with it – no thanks! Living simply is the way to go. I’m with you there Bill. What grates me the most is the celebrities who are in a position to make a change, but who prefer instead to flaunt their money and do stupid reality shows, etc. I am in awe of Leonardo di Caprio. That guy is amazing. What he’s doing for animals, humanity, and charities is incredible. I think he’s taking some time off from acting to focus on that alone for a while now. WOW.

    • Hey, Mel, thanks for dropping by. I didn’t know that about di Caprio. I feel the same way about Matt Damon and the work he is doing for the poor. It’s a shame more actors and actresses don’t feel some social responsibility.


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