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Random Thoughts About The Oscars and Simple Living

lohanI don’t own a television, so I didn’t watch the Oscars last night.  I did, however, catch glimpses online of some of the gowns worn by the actresses, and some of the jewelry also worn.  I believe it was Helen Hunt who wore a dress off the rack from a department store, but also wore $700,000 in jewelry.

Okay, I’m sure you all think this is another harangue against the wealthy but it really isn’t.  I have nothing against people who have a ton of money.  I really don’t.  This is a capitalistic system of supply and demand, and as long as the public demands movies then actors and actresses will be paid ridiculous amounts of money to perform.

The same with sports stars.  Their wages begin with you attending and you buying the team merchandise.  As long as sports fans do those things, then athletes will be paid huge amounts of money, and that’s how a market society works.  Again, I have no problem with it.charles bridge

I do, however, have a problem with those entertainers and professional athletes who do not have a social conscience.  There are some actors like Matt Damon who put the full weight of their prestige behind a humanitarian effort and I applaud them.  There are other entertainers who cannot spell humanitarian and to those I say shame on you.

We are all in this together.  Just because I have found the simple life, and just because I do not live on the streets, and just because I have a home and loved ones, does not give me a free pass when it comes to those who are suffering and in need of basic comforts.

I have the highest admiration for people like Bill Gates and his wife, who have literally spent billions of dollars to help the world’s poor.  I have zero respect for the rich who could care less about those who are suffering.

As my friend Melanie says, “what the hell is wrong with those people?”


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  1. I agree Bill and Kevin will always say all these rich, famous people why can’t they share some of their wealth with those less fortunate. So, we totally agree with you on this outlook and for those like Matt Damon and Bill Gates, my hat is totally off to them. By the way, I do own a TV, but can’t be bothered to watch these award shows, just always feel like it is just another rich party that I honestly couldn’t care less about, but that is just me!

    • Janine, there were some people on Facebook last night who were giving updates on every award received and I was like “what the hell is so important about this?” I’ll never understand it my friend, and that’s okay. 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to visit little old me.

  2. I forget who said something on the Oscars about extending themselves–but someone looked out at the audience during his acceptance speech and said something to the effect that “you are all artists out there–the arts are dying in this country and in the schools–now go out and do something about it” Got me thinking—

  3. Didn’t watch them either and having just gotten home from teaching and meetings, I have yet to get any glimpses. I’m with you, though: it’s the sharing that counts. If you have great wealth, there comes great responsibility in how to use and share it. Great thoughts. 🙂

  4. Lol!! Thanks Bill for that 😉 It’s so strange that you mention the Oscars now because yesterday – what with having absolutely no Internet – I spent a little time watching TV and came across a show where some guy was showing off a few houses of the rich and famous. I saw a $9 million dollar house that Britney Spears stayed in, and another one for almost double that, which one of the Housewives of Beverly Hills stayed in. Absolutely ridiculous. I don’t envy any rich person or aspire to be like them, but it really grates me when people spend ridiculous amounts of money on themselves, but don’t give back. Take the Kardashians for example. Their house is insane…they are all millionaires. Why? Well, because their dad was the attorney in OJ Simpson’s case. Oh, and they’re pretty to look at. THAT’S IT. They have so many reality TV shows about themselves, and never have I seen them giving back to any charity or effort. It’s sickening. I’m grateful that I’m not like that. Rich in money yes, rich in humanity and everything else, no. Missed the Oscars this year, but can believe you on what they wear! Most of it’s all on loan though..designers like to showcase their stuff on the rich and famous, and then they get it back and supposedly tons of orders along with it. Weird world we live in.

    • Mel, it just keeps getting stranger and stranger. I would love to have a little extra money so Bev could have a few things that she needs, but the idea of being filthy rich is something I would have a hard time accepting without giving some of it away. How could you be worth billions and not give some of it away?


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