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Zach Greinke Does Not Endorse Simple Living

loving life on a hikeZack Greinke: ‘I could play for the worst team if they paid the most’


That quote jumped off of the computer screen this morning.  Those are the words of Zack Greinke, a free agent pitcher who recently signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers for something like $165 million for four years.  So that’s what, $41 million per year?  Okay!…..Okay!

Well, okay, here we go.  I expect someone to disagree with me on this, but there we go.

How much money is enough in life?  If I remember correctly, one million dollars would be the same as $40,000 per year for twenty years if you won the Lotto, which is more than I live on currently…way more. So forty-one million would be what per year for twenty years?  Oh who cares?  The point is how much is enough?

What really bothered me about this quote was that it made no difference to Greinke who he played for.  All he was concerned about was the money.

Now I realize that the life span of a major league pitcher is short.  Zack might hurt his elbow this spring and be out of baseball by July….and then all of these earnings are going to have to last him a lifetime.  Okay….$41 million should last the guy a lifetime, right?  Or am I missing something?  If Mr. Greinke lives another fifty years, he should still have some of that $41 million at the end of his lifetime, right?  How could he spend that much?  I feel safe in saying that the interest he makes alone is enough to feed and provide comfort for my family each year….just the interest!zach

I’m not sure I have a point.  Of course this is a free market society, and he deserves to make whatever the teams will pay him, but I would hope there is something more to baseball for him than just a paycheck.  Where is the love of the game?  Where is the loyalty to the fans?   Where is some realization that life is more than a bank account?

It is pretty obvious that Zach will not be reading any of my articles about the Simple Life.


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  1. Plain and simple it doesn’t exist anymore and in this day and age they don’t do this because they love to actually play the sport, but for what is in it monetarily!! Sad, but true. Again, I am with you on this, but apparently we are in the minority Bill!!

  2. If you spend life chasing money, you’ll never live out the dream..that’s my motto anyways. 🙂 Awesome post!

  3. I agree with you Bill. Geoff is a huge Man United supporter and he will often tell me who has been ‘sold’ to another team and for how much. It’s shocking. Hundreds of millions of dollars. We’re talking the likes of David Beckham, Wayne Rooney, Christiano Ronaldo, etc. I will never understand how people get paid so much for entertaining the world, while bad things are happening everywhere and people need help. And then you get the people working in service like in hospitals, the police department, the fire department, etc. What do they get paid? Close to peanuts. It’s insane. I just don’t understand it.


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