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Garden Plans, Simple Lifestyle and Gluten-Free Recipes

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Downtown and the garden April 21, 2012 052My goodness, we have more nice weather heading in our direction this coming weekend, and you know what that means? It means Bev and I will be out shoveling topsoil into our newly-constructed garden areas.  After the dirt is in place we will be ready to plant once the danger of frost is gone.  Actually we will be doing some planting this weekend too.  We have 120 onions that can go in the ground and we’ll put them under our makeshift greenhouse and get them started.

The chicken coop will be ready in a few weeks.  We have to borrow someone’s saw to cut some plywood for the walls, but once that is done it will be a matter of days before we finish that, and then we can go out and buy our chicks for the summer….and then fresh eggs!  Hooray!

Let’s see, what else in our simple life?  We are going to can vegetables this year for the first time, and we are looking at making a rocket stove outside as well as digging a root cellar.  We have no idea if those ideas will work but we like trying new things so we’ll give it a go.rocket stove

We are doing this all on a residential building lot and really in half of our backyard.  Can you imagine what we could accomplish if we had one acre?  LOL  In three years we will find out when we move to the country.

So that’s what is happening in our little simple corner of the world.

If you are interested in gluten-free recipes, check out my friend Lizzy’s blog where you will find some great recipes sans gluten.

Keep it simple my friends!


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  1. Can’t wait for Spring here now ether and I was just dropping Emma at pre-school, where the temperature in my car was showing 51 degrees. So, I think we may be warming up a bit, too 🙂

  2. The garden design looks great. And, I have no idea what a rocket stove is, lol.

  3. Wow Bill–I was just thinking about starts for the back–I have pulled seeds out –but I think you are way ahead of me!

    • Audrey it has been a mild winter here so we have a little head start on the rest of the country. It felt good to get my hand dirty last week. 🙂 Have fun with those seeds.

  4. Great post, Bill.
    I gotta get compost for my yard before I start planting in the seeds for the vegetables.

    You and Bev have green magic hands to bring up such a marvelous produce 🙂

  5. Bill, that sounds wonderful! 120 onions?! OH my…

    But now I’m a little sad. My Grandma and Dzetha (Grandpa) had a huge garden in their backyard…fruit trees, veggies, it was amazing. Tons of food year round. And Grandma always would can the crops and give to the whole family.

    I remember pickled green tomatoes and cukes, pickled onions, spicy green olives…

    And now I realize that I will never taste them again. Sure, I could buy something similar or even attempt to make them, but Grandma’s recipes are gone with her. And not just the canned foods, but EVERYTHING. Meat and cream cheese-filled lintzes, pierogis, shashlik…

    =( I wish we had her write them all down.

    Anyways, I’m so excited for you and Bev. What an adventure!

    • If only Grandma had a blog =)

    • Chris, it’s funny you mentioned all of that about your grandmother. I was just thinking the other day how many things about my family I do not know, and now I’m the only remaining member of that family. My son asks me questions about the past and I have no answers, and those answers are dead and buried. My fault of course, because when I could get the answers I didn’t ask the questions. 🙂

  6. Cool! Man, I’ve been so busy my hubby has had to do all the gardening stuff lately. I hope to carve out more time this year, LOL. Have fun!

  7. I love your garden, it’s looking great! And 120 onions? WOW! Sounds like fun. We’ll have to put in way more effort with our garden next Spring. Looking forward to the cooler weather now though. 🙂 Am going to check out Lizzy’s blog now. Being gluten-intolerant isn’t fun and I need some ideas! Thanks Bill!


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