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Planting Trees and Nurturing Friendships In A Simple Living World

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Garden Oct 3, 2012 004We planted a tree yesterday!  A plum tree to be exact.  I know, not very exciting, right?  Who really cares, Bill?

Well, that got me thinking.  I have something like 1,400 followers on HP and somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,000 followers on Facebook.  What if half of those people planted a tree this spring?  Would that help the environment?

And what does the environment have to do with Living Simple?  Well, if you have to ask then you haven’t been paying attention to my message all of these months.

On to another subject:  I have invited two friends of mine to write a guest blog in the near future.  Lizzy and Marlene will be dropping by in the next few weeks to talk about their experiences with Living Simple and I’m looking forward to hearing from them.

In the meantime, kick back, enjoy life and do all things with love.


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  1. My dad would love you Bill, because he does so much planting and even has a plum tree, too, because that is one of his favorite fruits. Also sounds like good things coming on your blog!! 🙂

    • Thanks Janine and I would love to meet your dad. Yes, some guest bloggers, and I will be asking you to do the same in the future. Thanks as always and I hope Emma is feeling better.

  2. I actually find that very exciting! I would love to plant a tree. You’re actually getting me really excited for when I have a house someday. I want to start planning! It may not be real soon, but my boyfriend wants to buy property with a little place to live, and build an energy-efficient house. If we don’t do that, he at least has very specific desires for a house, and he won’t settle until he gets what he wants. So someday I will be able to plant trees, and have a big garden, and be more self-sufficient.
    Did Bev build the chicken coop yet?
    I’m looking forward to hearing from the guest bloggers, too!

    • Hi Kathryn! do you have a blog? I’d love to follow you if you do.

      No, Bev is still debating the plans for the chicken coop. She is a plodder, and she spends a great amount of time looking at options before she acts…but when she does just get out of her way. LOL I hope you get that home soon, Kathryn. I really do.

  3. Very cool, Big Bro! Way to go. It’s great that you have so many followers, too – you’ve got charisma. 🙂

  4. Nice Bill! Nurturing friendships is something I’m trying to make more of an effort of these days. It’s so easy to think about your career and where you’re headed and be “too busy” for friends (and sometimes even family). But at the end of the day, what matters most? Just dropping a quick text message to say, “Hi, how are you? Been thinking of you lately…” is so quick. It’s important and something I’ve realized lately that I’ve been lacking in. Great post today Bill!

    • It is so simple, Mel, and so easy to forget. Today’s message was as much for me to remember as anyone else. Nothing should be more important to me than friendships and loved ones. 🙂 Thank you Mel and have a great day.


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