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The Simple Life and Gunmen

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street fair Aug 2012 034The Simple Life in our community was shattered a bit as a local school a half mile from our home was locked down due to a gunman seen in the area.  Search planes flew overhead for a good hour this morning and then suddenly stopped. I have not heard whether the gunman was captured but it appears the search has been discontinued.

It is a reminder that we cannot isolate ourselves from the crazies of this world no matter how hard we try.  The Northeast Neighborhood of Olympia, where we live, is one of the safest neighborhoods in the city.  Older homes dot this area, with friendly neighbors.  There is a sense of community here and yes, a feeling of safety.  However, we are never totally safe and today was a reminder of that fact.

Life continues, and we will go back to our Simple way of living, but there will always be, in the back of our mind, the thought that there but for the grace of God go I.  Today nobody was hurt.  We will deal with tomorrow as we always do.  We will love our families and watch out for our friends, and life will go on.


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  1. Just so scary how stuff like this happens everyday and may just find its way in our own backyard. God help us and seriously when will something be done!!

    • I don’t know, Janine, but it is scary indeed. I guess the scariest part of it is never thinking you are safe…it can happen in any neighborhood at any time.

      Tell your family that you love them, now and often.

  2. That is scary. It seems to happen everywhere. When I first lived in Manchester, Connecticut (2010), there was a mass shooting at Hartford Distributors, a beer and wine wholesaler. 9 people were killed. Manchester is usually regarded as a safe and uneventful town, so it was a shock. But it is even worse when schools have to go on lockdown, because you never know what’s going to happen. When kids are involved, you don’t mess around.
    I’m glad nothing bad happened. I looked at the Olympian website, but they haven’t updated it since 10:30.

    • It is scary, Kathryn, but what are we going to do? We can’t live in fear, so we just keep moving forward with our lives. I don’t know anything new; the helicopters have stopped hovering so maybe they found him. Thanks for dropping by.

  3. It’s just a sad state of affairs. I can’t believe we have come to this. Granted, so many other societies have seen war and famine for far too long…I always wonder if there are other beings out there and if they’re watching us and if they think we’ll survive as a species…kind of morbid, but I just don’t know about humanity sometimes. :\

    • If they are a more intelligent species then they are probably amazed we have lasted as long as we have. 🙂 I know what you are saying, Cyndi, and it saddens me because I know you are right.

  4. Audra Leigh Fisher

    It is hard for me to read and watch stuff like this. I do like what you have written though. Isolation…it is hard indeed to isolate from the crazies. I moved from the suburbs into a safe pocket inside a not so great neighborhood. Years ago, I would have been afraid to live here. Now, I just go on living day by day with the one I love. For some reason, I am not really afraid. I fear more of the rumination in my mind I think of every day. It is kind of weird. Thanks for opening my eyes Bill 🙂

    • Audra, it is tough for all of us I think. I don’t live in fear but I am also very aware and wary of strangers when we are out walking or shopping. I do not feel “safe” like I once did, but I can’t really say I’m afraid. I sure do miss the old days when there was kind of a blissful cluelessness. LOL

  5. When I saw your comment on Facebook I panicked. Is this becoming more of an everyday thing now? People thinking they can just walk around with guns and scare everyone? I’m glad that that man was only carrying an umbrella and it wasn’t really a gun, but it just goes to show how on edge everyone is. It’s not nice living like that. Not thinking your’e saving going to the mall, to school, or even in your neighbourhood. I remember when I was a child and things were ‘safe’. Today, you wonder if someone is going to kidnap your child if they go walking home from school alone. It’s sickening. At the same time, we can’t allow this fear to overshadow us and prevent us from living.

    • Mel, it seems to me that fear is everywhere lately. It is amazing that someone called 911 so quickly without knowing for sure that there was a gun involved. Society seems to be on the edge of panic daily and that really does bother me greatly. Still, I refuse to live in fear. I’ll be vigilant and attentive, but I can’t live worrying about what might happen….that’s not living at all. 🙂

  6. That makes me so scared. Even here our neighborhood is safe and quiet but just a half hour away the city looms and horrible things happen there everyday. How I wish and pray the world would come to its senses. Let’s keep the faith. Hugs.


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