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Living Simple and Improving Your Health: A Guest Blog by Lizzy

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I am very happy to introduce you to a dear friend and fellow blogger.  Say hello to Lizzy!  Lizzy has agreed to do my blog today and she is going to discuss better health through better eating.  Thank you Lizzy and thanks to all of you who read this.  You can find her on HubPages here and on her own blog here.


lizzyYou already know that living a simple lifestyle can help save money and promote a more fulfilling life, but did you know that living simply can also improve your health? For example, you can use the principles of simple living in your kitchen to help create healthy meals for your family.


In the past–before we had hectic schedules bulging with appointments to keep and events to attend–families would sit down to dinners prepared with whole foods: meats and vegetables cooked in natural fats (like butter, lard, or tallow).


As time progressed and the microwave became our god, we started using convenience foods that could be “nuked” in minutes. This way, we could scarf down some food on the way to the gym, the soccer game, or the television.


Now, there’s no longer any need to prepare meals for the entire family; just pick out your favorite frozen dinner or fast food special and be on your way.


This is a tragedy in more ways than one. Along with a lost connection to our families, we’ve also lost our connection with food. We don’t have the time to put a chicken in the oven or simmer a vegetable dish on the stove. And we no longer trust nature to provide us with the nutrients we need.


Instead we trust food manufacturers tell us what is healthy: Not an egg, but an egg-like product. Not natural fats, but industrialized vegetable oils. Not meat, but meat-like substitutes.


As a result, we suffer from aches and pains that seem to have no cause. We’re depressed and can’t find a cure. We’re overweight and can’t lose those extra pounds no matter how hard we try.


But it doesn’t have to be this way. We can go back to simpler times in the kitchen. We can turn a deaf ear to corporate factoids and choose nature’s wisdom instead.


Choose whole foods found in the outer edges of your supermarket. Visit your local farmer’s market or produce stands for great deals on fresh foods. Find simple recipes for your family to enjoy (hint: you probably won’t find them on the Food Network). Experience the health benefits of simple living by bringing the basics back to the kitchen!







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  1. Wonderful guest post and thanks Lizzy for your suggestions. I do check out Pinterest for many homemade recipes to try new and healthy takes on meals. So I do very much agree with you on this and try to limit our intake of processed foods, too.

  2. Great suggestions by Lizzy and so true: we need to bring Nature back into our lives and eat real, wholesome food. Man, now I think I gotta go make some bread. 🙂

  3. I make a lot of homemade meals, and don’t eat fast food or frozen dinners much. At the moment I am cutting down on pre-packaged, processed foods. Fortunately, I love cooking, and discovering healthy meals that taste good. This is very good advice. We shouldn’t rely on the big companies that want our money to tell us what is good to eat.

  4. Great guest post from Lizzy! I enjoyed this and the timing for reading it was perfect. In our house we are very health-food conscious at the moment. Most of it is to do with me not eating gluten products or meat, although Geoff does still eat his share of meat – he is a man after-all and I can’t force him not to. That said, we’ve stopped eating unhealthy meals. The thought of burgers and fries, greasy food, heavy starchy or huge meaty dishes just doesn’t appeal to us anymore. Recently every week, I’ve been going through some cookbooks at home and getting back in love with cooking. It’s so much better than chucking things together and hoping for the best. Geoff’s been getting us a box of organic fruit and veggies each week which is great. I had no idea of the amount of chemicals put in things we find at the shops – things meant to be ‘healthy’! Thanks for sharing Lizzy’s post Bill! I’m heading over to her blog and HP right now. 🙂

    • Thank you for checking her out, Mel! She is a nice lady and she will appreciate your support. I wish I could say I eat as healthy as you do, but I can say I’m much better than I once was. 🙂

    • Thank you, Melanie! I have to tell you that I’m not anti-meat. In fact, I’m making some grass-fed burgers for lunch right now! Key words: grass-fed. Meat is full of necessary nutrients like fat soluble vitamins, B12, and healthy fats, but modern farming practices make sick animals, and sick animals make unhealthy food. And like you said, greasy, starchy, processed junk combined with overindulgence loses its appeal once you change your mindset! Thanks for your comment!


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