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Spring Is Coming In My Simple World

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Garden Oct 3, 2012 004They tell me Spring is coming. In fact, it officially arrives tomorrow morning.

About the time it arrives we will be having 45 mph wind gusts and two inches of rain will be falling.  In the Northeast they will be digging out from another snowstorm, and the Midwest is still reeling from a month of one snowstorm after another.

Yes, they tell me Spring is coming!

I do know that I got my new flowerbed planted with gladiolas and crocosmias and lilies, and we added plum and pear trees, so I’m looking forward to seeing those grow.

I know, pretty simple, right?  I’m looking forward to plants growing….sheez, Bill, get a life!

Well, I do have a life and it’s a pretty damn good one.  These days I love nothing more than the simple pleasures.  I love watching things grow, and I love building things and beautifying our yard. I love sunny days when the neighbors are outside and we chat with each other.  I love going for walks with Bev, and I love having our kids stop by for visits and catching up with them and hearing about their lives.

Yep, life is pretty simple.  I don’t know what floats your boat, but for me it is love of family and friends and some simple pleasures tossed in as a bonus.  This boy is livin’ large and lovin’ life in Olympia, Washington, and life has never been so good.


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  1. Funny, but I just did my Wordless Wednesday post and wrote all about Spring coming, but it is raining and freezing here, too. Go figure and like you wishful thinking!! 🙂

    • Janine, we are experiencing the calm before the storm right now. It is sunny and mild, but all hell is going to break loose in about six hours. Oh well, it’s nice while it lasts. 🙂 Thank you for being so loyal young lady.

  2. Oh man, the daffodils, forsythia and crocus are all blooming here and I’m in flip flops. It’s not that warm, but…I just love SPRING!!! It’s such a wonderful time of renewal and reflection. 🙂

  3. I am so glad that life is good–I am feeling the pull of spring, but rain will be falling as well–in California!

    • Audrey, it is that time of year where we take the good with the bad. The Pacific Ocean is still not done with us yet. I sure hope this is the last of the big storms. 🙂

  4. Oh yay! If it’s Spring for you guys today, well then that means it’s the first day of Autumn for us….finally! I love this season! Nothing like seeing warm colours around and feeling the crisp morning air. I can see why you’re excited for warmer weather though….can’t wait to see what you’re got going on in the garden as the weeks go on. 🙂

    • Autumn? Oh, I love Autumn, too! Right now I am in the mood for Spring, obviously, but Fall is so beautiful. Happy Autumn to you!

    • Mel, it’s hard for me to wrap my brain around, that you guys are starting autumn. There is a big world out there that I have never experienced. Thanks my friend and I’ll take pictures as soon as the garden is in tip top shape.

  5. There’s a decent amount of snow and slush on the ground here, as you know. I will be signing papers for my new job today, and I am wearing boots, just in case!
    I love Spring, but I also love enjoying the different seasons. Yesterday I enjoyed the snow one last time, and bid it farewell. It probably won’t go away for that reason, though. But all of that snow and cold weather make me appreciate the Spring that much more when it does come.
    I have seen buds coming up from a tree in the front of our building, and it is a much-anticipated sight!
    I hope to have your kind of simple life in the future, but for now I enjoy my own version of the simple life. No matter where I live or what I do, I adjust my life to it, and take enjoyment out of what I can. Right now I appreciate that I will have a new job, and I will be able to replenish my bank account, after depleting it for about 6 months! That makes me very happy. Writing makes me happy, and enjoying interactions online, as well as in real life.
    In the next 2 weeks we have two family events in Connecticut, and I look forward to them. I adore Andy’s family (he’s my boyfriend) as much as my own! They are wonderful, and being around them during the holidays makes me happy. Although I do also need to plan something with my own family.
    Okay, enough rambling from me! I am very excited, and in a chatty mood. But anyway, I like the idea of your simple life, and I think you really have it made!
    Have a wonderful Spring day, even if the weather isn’t Springlike quite yet.

    • Kathryn, congratulations on that new job. I am excited for you. I love your outlook on life. I have always loved change. I get tired of a season after a couple months and am always eager for the new season. As for life, change is exciting and challenging and that’s what life should be all about, right?

      Have a great day and you can ramble on my site any old day. 🙂


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