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March Madness and the Simple Life

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loving life on a hikeWell, I see that Congress blinked and the NRA won.  Elsewhere, President Obama made his March Madness basketball picks.  That’s comforting!  Perhaps March Madness is the perfect title for this blog since it seems that madness reigns supreme in Washington D.C.

But all of that is in the background of my mind this morning.  For the most part what the politicians do goes in one ear and out the other with me.  I don’t expect them to do anything that really helps the average worker in America.  That’s the cynic in me but there you have it.

As far as I’m concerned, the average guy and gal have to look out for themselves in this country.  Protect and provide for your loved ones because really, our reality for everyday life boils down to work, eat, sleep and love each other.014

Thoreau talked about men living lives of quiet desperation and I admit, there was a time when I thought Thoreau was right on in that assessment.  Now I’m not so sure.  Our lives are made up of the mundane for the most part.  There are highs and lows, certainly, but for the most part we are busy with the business of living.  We get up, go to work, make a living and enjoy life as much as we can.  Few of us find fame and fortune, but many of us find great satisfaction in living our lives well and being the best people that we can be.  I like that!

Mine is a simple life.  I do not depend on the government.  Most of their legislation has very little effect on me and that’s because I have shaved my life down to some pretty basic components.  I left the rat race a little over two years ago and I’ve never looked back.  I don’t miss the credit cards. I don’t miss television.  I don’t miss working ten hour days and having no time for family.

Simple….basic….and oh so wonderful!


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  1. Totally agree about our government and this is why I truly also live my life not concerning myself, because they are going to do what they are going to do no matter what you or I think. I just live my life with my family to the fullest and proud to say we too may not be rich in money, but we have no credit card debt and have each other. All we truly need and you always remind me this. Thanks for that Bill!! 🙂

  2. Wonderful post! You are lucky and I am working my way there

  3. Not a fan of the government here myself. They make promises and don’t deliver. I’m used to that. Actually got into a rather heated debate on Facebook yesterday with a friend who used to live in Europe who can’t understand why the government isn’t doing more to help people get jobs. I said something like, “Excuse me? Why do people still insist on handouts all the time? If someone wants a job – they need to get out there and do something about it. Not stand on street corners begging.” The conversation stemmed from a discussion about people begging on the streets. Most of them do it because it’s much easier than doing actual work. They’ve been interviewed about it too. They make more money begging, than working some jobs! Can you believe that?! And then others get retrenched for being so loyal at a company and working their ass off for years. Makes me so mad. But that’s another point altogether. I told her that she needs to get used to the government here. We are not Europe. So sad, but yes – we need to rely on ourselves. Not the government.

    • Mel, the sooner people come to that realization the better it will be for them. It is time to gather friends and family in a circle of protections and love….support one another and never rely on the government for anything. Sad but true my friend.

  4. Came here and read yesterday and thought I commented! Oh well…here I am now. LOL. The US government is ruled by big corporations. And they’re awful.
    ANYWAYS…yes…simple living. You know, I truly hope to be able to do what I’m doing with my blog, writing, photography and art really full time. It’s full time, but I still have to work another job to maintain it. I wish I didn’t, but alas, we’re not done paying the mortgage. 11 years to go, LOL. But, you know, I keep thinking, if I can make everything I’m doing pay the mortgage and a little more than that, I will consider myself a very lucky girl. 🙂 But we’ve pared everything down. I mean, we probably eat more healthfully than we ever have because our budget doesn’t even allow for snacks…haha.

    • Cyndi, I understand about the snacks. We went out yesterday and bought two ice cream cones and felt like we were rich. LOL Stay with what you are doing; your business will grow because you are good at what you do. People will find quality if given time.

      • Thank you. I needed to hear this today. It’s been a seriously rough week: first my dog, then my sister was in surgery after delivering a baby due to complications, then my cat was sick and some other smaller things peppered in there. It makes you question yourself when all sorts of things hit you at once and I was entirely frustrated. But, my sister’s doing better, the cat is better as of this afternoon and well, we might have another dog story brewing…

  5. Cyndi, it’s amazing how it all hits at once….there will be months when nothing bad happens and then watch out. I know you are strong and you’ll get through it all. Sending a hug your way.


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