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Spring Cleaning Anyone?

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flowers of the northwest 010It is officially Spring in the United States.  Our friends in the Southern Hemisphere are raking leaves as Fall arrives, but here it is all about rebirth and renewal and ending our long winter hibernation.

And I say HOORAH for that news!flowers of the northwest 008

Spring means…..are you ready….spring cleaning!  If you are living a simple life then spring gives us an opportunity to inventory what we have and get rid of what we don’t need.  Remember the frugal mantra need vs want?  This is the time of year when we can turn that mantra into reality.

We have already begun around our house.  Bev cleaned out the fridge last weekend and I organized the storage shed and piled up some stuff that needs to go to Goodwill.  In another week or so we will tackle the remaining rooms of the house, leaving only Bev’s daughter’s room because quite frankly we are both afraid to go in there. flowers of the northwest 019

What say you? Need vs want…..take the challenge and start spring cleaning this week.  Get rid of your junk or things you haven’t used in ages, and de-clutter your way to happiness.

Speaking of Spring….Janine shares some great memories about learning to ride a bike here on here blog.


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  1. You know how happy I am that spring is indeed heading our way. That said, I have a ton of spring cleaning to do and not even sure where to begin, but like you and Bev kind of afraid to tackle my kids rooms (although I pretty much clean up after them daily!). Thank you a ton for sharing my bike post here and was honestly a fun post to reminisce about for me!! 🙂

  2. Yeah, but I gotta say: Mother Nature sure is shedding a lot of dandruff. LOL
    I hope you’re having a great week and that your spring cleaning is well underway. I SHOULD be doing that this week with spring break and all…but hmm…my to-do list has grown and unfortunately it involves no cleaning. Haha. But there is artwork and photography involved so that’s a good thing. 😀
    Have a great day.

  3. It is hard to look at the spring chores when the snow is coming down again today. Oh living in Michigan.It is so beautiful and green in the summer (if we aren’t having a drought” and so cold more than half the year.

    • Barb, I’m so sorry. We really haven’t had much of a winter here, and it looks like spring is truly here now. Seventy by Saturday and I am so excited. 🙂 Maybe next week spring will stop by your neck of the woods.

  4. I love Spring for that very reason! It’s also the only reason I enjoy moving house. Which funny enough, is something we will be doing in Spring this year. Can’t wait to get rid of a lot of junk and size down – keeping just what we need and not what we don’t use. We have a TV which we don’t use and will be giving it to a children’s home. (Geoff’s idea!) I don’t want to wish Autumn away – or Winter because we both love these seasons the most, but for moving and starting fresh, I am really looking forward to springtime!


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