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Springtime and Friends and Love and Simple Pleasures

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flowers of the northwest 010For those of you on the east coast and in the Midwest, I apologize for this blog posting.  I know some of you are still digging out from the latest snowstorm, and the last thing you want to see or hear about is spring weather in the Pacific Northwest.  If you want to stop reading right now I don’t blame you at all.015

The azaleas and rhododendrons are blooming.  Mix in the hyacinths, tulips and daffodils and you have quite the array of colors in our neighborhood.

This has been a long winter.  Most of the nation has struggled with horrendous storms.  Here in Olympia we have struggled with endless gray and temperatures that rarely changed.  For those of you who have not lived here, the constant rain and gray skies tend to wear you down after a few months.  Our moods go sour and we move a little slower during the day.  Smiles are not quite so bright and there is no pep in our step.

100_4005But all of that has changed this past week.  We topped sixty degrees yesterday and we are being promised seventy degrees this weekend, and spirits and attitudes are soaring right now.  The birds are chirping and there are sounds of neighbors out talking and kids playing.

Bev and I are planning on a picnic this weekend and of course a walk in the woods.  Life is good for us, and we hope it is good for you.  We would like to extend an invitation to all of you to come visit us.  We would love to share our simple lifestyle with you and sit as friends.Mt. Rainier 2010 094


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  1. It may still be chilly here, with snow in some spots, but I enjoy hearing about the flowers and the warm weather. I know it will arrive here soon enough! It went up into the 50’s these past few days, which is milder than lately.
    Thank you for sharing the pictures and the visuals of a beautiful Spring day. It sounds like your weekend will be a lot of fun. I love going on picnics! Once Andy’s car is back up and running, we will be taking a trip to one of our favorite outdoor locations, and enjoying ourselves. It may be a few more weeks, but it will be fun when we do it!

  2. Larry Kitzmann

    Hi Bill:
    I’m a retired teacher and my wife is retiring from same this school year. She is from Carson Iowa a small farming community in S.W. Iowa. I’m from Detroit. We are planning on moving back to the Carson area for the many many reasons you have cited in your post. People taking care of and caring for each other. The only way to live and maintain any degree of sanity. All my thanks for you inspirations writings.
    Best always
    Larry K

    • Larry, I’m a retired teacher too, so thank you for the visit my fellow teacher. As for Carson, Iowa, I know the town. My family is from Charles City. 🙂 I hope you find retirement as enjoyable as I do my friend. Thank you!

  3. Larry Kitzmann

    Hi Bill
    sorry about that last note should have said your inspirational writings, not “you inspirations writing” I really need to proof read before sending things out. I am though retired so I shall use that as my excuse for the above. Again many thanks for your great post
    Larry K

  4. Bill, the Hawaii winters are even MORE brutal, if you can imagine =) Last night it got so cold that we even had to turn off the AC lol

    You guys enjoy that picnic!

  5. OH man, those 70-degree days aren’t far off for us now, either. As I type this, our thermometer says 63 degrees! Halalooya! 😀


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