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Wordless Wednesday and Living Simple

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051Wordless Wednesday is here. I have never participated in it, and I may not again, but I thought since some of my favorite writes are doing it I would give it a try.

The picture, as you can see, is a dirty window with the sun shining through.  The window is attached to the wall of a 200-year old barn ten miles from here, on the Rutledge Farm.  The Rutledges were pioneers in this part of the state, and the entire barn was made without nails.

Yes, it has stood and been used for 200 years, and it was made without a single nail.  They used wooden pegs back then instead of nails, and they also used the Douglas Fir for construction, as good a wood for building as you will find.039

200 years.  Now we are talking about the Simple Life.  Back then when a barn was being built, neighbors came from miles around to help in the construction.  Back then, when there was a problem with one farmer, everyone pitched in to help.  They had to because there were no police, no firemen and no emergency services.  People understood that they had to rely on each other for survival.

They grew their own vegetables, raised their own meat, and what they didn’t need they shared with their neighbors.  They would meet periodically and have a party of sorts, and they would catch up on news, and they would feel each other’s sorrows and share in each other’s joys.

027They were a community and they worked together for the betterment of the community.

Is it any wonder that I am in love with Living Simple?

If you ever come to visit I will give you a ride out so you can see the Rutledge barn.  It is a reminder of a simpler day when people cared for each other and worked hard to help each other.


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  1. Beautiful Bill. So happy to have you joining WW and what a great addition to it. And hope to someday take you up on this and see this barn!! 🙂

  2. Happy Wordless-Wordy Wednesday! That photo is awesome! I love the symbolism it entails and the motivation to be “closer to the land” – I am always up for synch-ing myself up with Mama Nature. 🙂 Have a wonderful day!

  3. Loved this Bill! So wonderful to be close to nature and others in this way

  4. I couldn’t disagree with you, Bill

    That barn symbolizes peace and leaves a pleasant taste in one’s mind.

    Glad that you could join in the WW fun 🙂

  5. Yay, great to see you participating in wordless Wednesday! Love those pictures, the way the light shines through, and the whole meaning behind them. We really do lack communities like those these days…very sad.


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