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Having A PIPO Sort of Day

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street fair Aug 2012 034I was just reading the news stream on Yahoo.  You know, if aliens landed here and read the same news stream I did, they would probably leave immediately, thinking this planet wasn’t worth visiting.  What a bunch of garbage.

Lindsay Lohan and her feud with David Letterman….Lindsay Vonn and her love affair with Tiger….North Korea and Russia both pissed at the U.S……mass-stabbings and a little girl dismembered…..the latest NCAA football scandal…..Syria……one little not-so-simple day in the world.Mt. Rainier 2010 094

Some people love it.  I swear, some people love chaos and the feed off of misery, as long as it isn’t their misery.  We are surrounded by adrenalin junkies, the ambulance-chasers of the 21st Century, and if they aren’t finding their stimulation online then they find it watching “Reality TV.”

Now the interesting thing about what I just wrote is if you did a survey, everyone that you talked to would agree, that this is a crazy world and we all need to slow down and appreciate the beauty in life….and yet they are part of the same madness.

miscellaneous....and steph 004It’s like a slow-motion train wreck.  You can see it happening and you can’t stop it from happening.  You know it’s going to be horrendous but you can’t take your eyes off of it.  It never dawns on people that they can simply turn away from it and not watch.

I’m not a sociologist or psychologist.  All I know is that I am happier when I turn my attention to the beauty in life.  When I concentrate on the positives and not the negatives, then my life is great.  I call it PIPO….positive in/positive out.  It’s the only mantra I need to get through a day.


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  1. I am so with you in this one and I have been feeling guilty that I don’t listen to as much news lately, but you are right so much out there is just a train wreck and not worth upsetting myself over. Thanks as always Bill and have a great weekend!!

  2. Larry Kitzmann

    Couldn’t agree with you more Bill. I was fortunate enough to spend the last 2 years of my teaching career in Colorado Springs. A 10 minute drive into work took me past Garden of the Gods every day. Spent many and evening after school and weekends hiking GOG and Red Rock Canyon. Nature truly is the best tranquilizer. Enjoy the weekend my friend.

    • Larry Kitzmann

      Sorry Bill, in case there are any other teachers out there that should have been an evening after school, not “and “evening. I’m getting sloppy in my old age it would seem.

    • Larry, that must have been quite a treat. I haven’t spent any quality time in Colorado and that’s a shame because it is unbelievably beautiful. Thanks for stopping by and no worries on the spelling….I am correcting myself constantly now….and I notice I am having trouble spelling some words that used to be second nature for me. The joys of getting older. 🙂

  3. I’m reminded of the old Temptations song ‘Ball of Confusion.’ Listening to it now it seems nothing has changed since it was recorded. ‘Round and around and around we go. Where the world’s headed, nobody knows.’

    Is it any wonder I prefer the life of a hermit. It’s tough watching running excitedly to their own destruction.

    Hoping you have a peaceful weekend.

  4. Meant to comment earlier…it’s been an interesting week. When I post on my blog tomorrow, you’ll know why. 🙂 I think it’s all too easy to get carried away with what’s wrong in this world…and more important than ever to focus on what’s right and inspire others to do the same so that peacefully we can all make this world a better place. 🙂

  5. Could not agree with you more my friend. If I could turn off technology and spend my days writing, designing, relaxing and painting in a cabin in the forest near a stream I would be a very happy girl. It’s a nice dream to have. I’m aiming for a long relaxing holiday this time next year to celebrate our anniversary. No holiday this year – we can’t afford it. Till then, we’ll just have to be part of the chaos and craziness of this world. Sigh. Hope you had a great weekend, Bill!

    • No vacation for us this summer, Mel. No money! A common moan from writers around the world, ‘eh? Oh well, it gives me something to shoot for, and we are only two years from our dream becoming a reality. Thank you my friend and feel better soon.

  6. Hi Bill, much food for thought here. I agree with your views. I’m glad that you’re living simple and concentrating on the positive. PIPO. thanks.


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