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Random Thoughts About Living Simple

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wash d.c.I was reading Ruchira’s blog today about gray hair.  I know, I know, but hang with me. I have a point to all of this.angelina

She was talking about a celebrity that is allowing her gray hair to show, and the point of it all was to be comfortable with who you are and how you look.

I first spotted gray hair when I was twenty-five. I have never tried to cover it up and today I am mostly gray.  I happen to like it because that’s who I am.  Bev is salt and pepper and she looks very good that way….I would never want her to color her hair in an attempt to look younger….she will always be beautiful to me.Train ride from Elbe to 018

Living Simple?  It’s an attitude and way of looking at life.  All of the window-dressing b.s. like products to make you look younger are just so much nonsense to me….my life is simple as long as I allow it to be simple.  I am what I am.  People can accept that or they can pee up a rope…it makes no difference to me.

On to gardening….our garden is growing nicely but it could use some sunshine.  The corn looks bewildered and the pumpkins keep poking out looking for some warmth.  The chickens are growing rapidly and so far of the nine we have only spotted two roosters….so it looks like we’ll have six or seven eggs daily by the end of the summer.

random backyard pics 002This weekend we are devoting our time to yardwork….again, not very exciting, but Bev and I love spending time together.  Weeding the garden gives us a chance to catch up on our week and talk about the future…it is our time and we enjoy it very much.

Again, Living Simple!  We have an attitude of gratitude and we love our lives.  We have old furniture and secondhand everything, and to some it might look like we are one step above welfare, but we are so rich in everything that counts.writer's digest and chickens 002

How about you?

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.



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A simple man who has found happiness as a functioning dysfunctional.

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  1. I’m with you, Billy! People spend so much money and expose themselves to so many chemicals trying to make themselves look younger. I have no intention of covering up my gray hairs and I hope to one day be one of those ladies who has a full head of silver locks. I’m glad I agree with you because I have no idea how to pee up a rope, and frankly, it sounds messy.

    • Lizzy, don’t even try the rope thing….it is not as fun as it might sound. LOL

      I’m glad you love the way you look. From where I’m sitting you look great. 🙂

  2. I am in my 30’s and have a few strands of gray hair. Don’t care to cover it up…since I feel that it makes me look wiser 😉

    Gardening is like holistic medicine, Bill.

    Happy Friday and have a good weekend, my friend.

    • Ruchira, you will age gracefully because you love life….and that, my friend, is the secret. 🙂

    • Larry Kitzmann

      Couldn’t agree more Bill. I passed gray and moved onto white more than a few years back. Even here in Ann Arbor we try to live as basic and simple as possible. Looking forward to getting back to the farm this summer and being able to breathe deeply once again. Have found that no longer being on FB has given me much more free time to do those things I truly love be it my own writing or just taking long walks and enjoying nature and the many parks in our area. Take care my friend and have a great weekend.

      • Larry, I love reading about someone else finding the joy of living simple. I wish I had a farm to go to this summer…I would be in heaven. I’ll have to settle for our garden and chickens.

        Have a great weekend too my friend and thank you.

  3. I love the pictures, and hearing about the garden and the chicks. They sure are getting big!
    Guys are generally lucky when it comes to gray hair. Most men look distinguished that way. My boyfriend certainly does. But woman are often made to feel like they should do all they can to look better and younger. I agree, though, many woman look great with salt and pepper hair (or even white hair. My mother and my boyfriend’s mother have beautiful silver hair), and it isn’t necessary to go through a lot of effort to look younger than you are.

    • Hi Kathryn,

      I agree with you that there is a double standard in this country regarding looking younger…and I think that is sad. Women got the short end of the straw on that deal for sure.

      As for the chickens…they are hungry little buggers. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by. Have a fun weekend.

  4. Larry Kitzmann

    Once again it is I. As Kevin Costner said in “Field of Dreams” when answering if this was heaven. No it’s Iowa—Yep and our place out there is pretty damn close to heaven. Again take care my friend and all my best to you and Bev.

  5. I love it Bill. We are looking to sell our townhome here on Oahu and move to the Big Island before the end of the year (hopefully)…and chickens and homegrown veggies are definitely in the plan!

    I’ll have to pick your brain when the time comes. I have no idea how to grow chickens and veggies. lol

    city BOOOYYY…city boy =)

    • Chris, you can pick my brain any time. We are learning while we go but at least we have some base knowledge to share. Good luck with that move my friend.

      Aloha from Olympia



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