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Urban Farms and Living Simple

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town_239First you don’t hear from me for months on this site, and now you hear twice in one week.  Welcome to my world.  I follow the feelings inside of me, and when those feelings come alive I write.  That’s what I do you know…I write!

We had a wonderful weekend.  A new “urban farm” center opened up a mile from our home so we just had to go visit.  In fact, I’ll be writing an article about the new store and the great area we live in….great because of the civic commitment to fostering self-sustaining lifestyles.

We bought our organic seeds, and then spent a portion of the weekend preparing our garden for planting.  Everywhere we went people were doing the same, and the community gardens were filled with our neighbors digging dirt, weeding, and enjoying the community spirit.town_216

I was also turned on to raising quail while we visited the new farm center, so I’ll be spending some time this spring building a quail shelter and quail run for our backyard. Those little devils lay an egg per day once they are twelve weeks old, and they are fully-mature for eating after fifteen weeks…..and they take up about a tenth of the space that our chickens take.

Bev wants to pick up a couple pygmy goats and have them for milking, so I’m sure we’ll be doing that as well before the summer ends.

Busy times around here, but the more I learn about urban farming the more excited I am about it.

I hope you all had a great weekend.  Thanks for dropping by.



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  1. It seems like you’re gearing up quite quickly for that small farm you and Bev will have in a couple of years. We don’t have any urban farmers in our neighborhood, but yesterday the whole street was out doing yard work. ‘Tis the season!

    • Sha, when is it not the season in Florida??? LOL Yes indeed, we are slowly transitioning to the urban farm lifestyle and loving every minute of it.

      Have a great week Sha, and thanks.

  2. That is frickin awesome–you really are walking the walk . Glad you had a great weekend, as did we here. Take care my friend.

  3. What an inspiration you are. I’ve never had quail, but they run wild on my property. It is interesting how the momma quail runs out in front of the babies so that she becomes a distraction, allowing the babies to escape intruders who might want to harm them. My husband wants to raise quail since it looks like they are fairly easy to raise. But, after seeing how intelligent they are I need some time to get use to the idea of eating them. Hubby says the number one rule for sustainable living is, “Food is food; you either eat the quail or you starve.”

    • Heck, Marlene, just raise them for eggs if you can’t kill them. 🙂 They are prolific egg-layers, and you can house quite a few of them in a reasonably small space. I’m looking forward to giving it a try.

      Thanks my friend. I’m with your husband on this one, but I do understand your point of view.

  4. it sure is a delight to have produce from your own yard. Good for health and for the pocket too 🙂

    Enjoy, Bill 🙂
    you sure are inspiring me!

  5. I’m so glad you’re writing here again, I missed this blog! I’d be excited about an urban-farm store like that opening here as well… very cool!


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