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Have You Hugged a Garden Lately?

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loving life on a hikeHappy Hump Day to you all!

Before I begin, I’d like to remind you that Earth Day is April 22nd.  It’s kind of a big deal for anyone interested in protecting this planet, so I thought I would mention it.

I am encouraged by what I see lately.  There seems to be a growing movement towards the simple life.  More and more people are finally coming to the realization that when we die, they don’t back a Uhaul truck to our gravesite and unload our possessions.  What is really important in life, namely love, family, compassion, and character….there is no price tag on any of it, but the rewards are gardens 009

I have mentioned on several occasions that the city I live in, Olympia, Washington, is very accommodating with regards to self-sufficiency.  There are few restrictions in this city.  People can have vegetable gardens in the front yard if they choose, and how many cities do you know of where that is allowed?

We also have a plethora (I love that word) of community gardens around our city.  People work with their neighbors to grow organic food, and what they don’t use they share with others.  If that sounds like utopia to you, then see what your own city has in the way of community gardens.

I am all about community. I do not believe the problems that plague our cities are going to be solved by the Federal government. I believe that change must happen in the neighborhoods across this country. We need to return to our roots and start looking out for each other.

And it starts with us.

Have a great day my friends.  I’ll be writing and taking care of our little urban farm…and doing it all with a smile on my face.



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  1. Having your own yard is just out of the world. I am glad you and Bev have a green thumb. I am still learning, and your blogs encourage me further 🙂

  2. Hi there Bill, I love the fact that you are back into writing about the Art of Living Simple. Not sure if you are familiar with “Backwoods Home” magazine they have been around now for some 14-15 years. They are a great resource for everything from raising dairy goats to home canning. It’s a bi/monthly for $6.00 I find it to be most informative without all the fluff. Have a great rest of the week out there in Olympia my friend.

  3. I’m all for returning to our roots and giving back to Mother Earth. You’re very fortunate to live in a city that has the same mindset.

  4. I’m glad I read your blog today and glad to find Larry’s recommendation for “Backwoods Home”. Currently, I subscribe to “Urban Farms”, “Hobby Farms”, and “Herb Quarterly” magazines. While they have been helpful, they also have a lot of “fluff” as Larry accurately labels it. I’m looking to find one magazine that has it all in one publication.


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