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A Simple Weekend in My Life

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writer's digest and chickens 002Happy Monday to you all!  This is by far my most creative day of the week. I take weekends off from writing, so by Monday my brain is overflowing with ideas.  Let’s get started so I can relieve some of the cranial pressure.

The name of this blog is The Art of Living Simple, and that’s exactly how we spent our weekend.

On Saturday we went shopping for seeds and a couple grape bare root cuttings.  Then we came home and prepared the soil, dug some holes, and got everything into the ground.

Sunday began with a movie, and then we came home and built a bamboo grape arbor and put up another greenhouse.  All were simple designs and were made from materials we had at home already.  Nothing fancy but all highly functional.

We squeezed in a couple good walks around the neighborhood, talked to quite a few people, and thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company.town_246

This is my life.  Simple?  I’m sure it would appear to be for many people.  Boring? I’m sure for some this appears to be a real yawner.  For Bev and I, though, our lives are complete and so very satisfying.  We work in the soil. We establish friendships.  We continue to build and support our community, and we continue to feed off of our love for each other.

The art of living simple… really is an art form, and it gets better as we practice it.  We began as novices.  We are now journeymen.  In time we just might become master craftsmen.  J

Have a great week!



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  1. Bill, I was intrigued by the article you recently posted about hugelkultur. My neighbor pulled a dead Drake Elm stump out of his front yard last weekend. I asked him if I could have it (he looked at me like I was nuts!). Anyway, he put it in my back yard yesterday. I need to find some dirt to pack over it. I’ve got the compost and material I can use for mulch, then I’ll go get some seed. I’m looking forward to my experiment. And it’s all thanks to you and your living simple way of life. Thank you, my friend!

    BTW, what did you end up naming your property?

    • Sha, that’s exciting. I am smiling just reading about your experiment. You go, girl, and I expect to hear how your experiment turns out. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the results.

      Still no name for the property. Bev and I are kicking it around. 🙂

      Thanks Sha. Have a great day!

  2. Well done sir—–well done!!

  3. I really enjoyed reading about your weekend. There is so much pleasure in the little things, like having a conversation with a neighbor. I use to get upset when neighbors just popped over unannounced. I use to wish they’d call first because I might be busy. Busy with what? After I thought about it I realized I’m not so busy I can’t stop what I’m doing to have a cup of tea with a neighbor who just wants to hang out for a while. When I live life just the way it happens, I feel free and fully fulfilled.

  4. Hi Bill, What a significantly spent weekend ! Simple can’t ever be boring when investing time into anything that have exchange value.
    Make a great day as you always do, my befriend.

  5. My good buddy, How lovely your weekend sounded. I look forward to doing similar when my walking is a bit better or even with the walker. Today i am off to the hospital for my dressing to be done and see surgeon on progress. Keep doing what you do Bill, simple is anything but boring! Have a great day.

    • Suzie my dear, it is so good to hear from you. I’m sending you a big Irish hug and a bunch of love. Feel better daily my dear, and know there is someone in the States who gives a damn.

  6. Sounds like such a perfect weekend, Bill. 🙂 What movie did you go see? We saw the new Captain America movie on Friday night – not my choice, but I was pleasantly surprised. Very good. Saturday was the parkrun, and Sunday I went for a walk on the beach. In between just taking it easy and also enjoying each other’s company. Those weekends are the best. Hope you’re having a great Tuesday!

  7. Going for walks is one of my favorite things. That’s great you had a wonderful weekend, Bill 🙂 I took most of the weekend off and thoroughly enjoyed it. Nice to read your post here!


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