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Happiness is All About Perspective

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wash d.c.Happy Friday to you all.  I took a few days off from this blog because, well, I wanted to.  I have way too much to do getting my novel ready for publication, and blah, blah and more blah.  But I’m here now so let’s do it.

I wrote an article the other day about living life to the fullest while we still have time. It occurred to me today that living life to the fullest has a different meaning for different people.

When I was younger it meant balls to the wall and experience everything possible. I climbed mountains, and played sports with reckless abandon.  I traveled extensively around the United States, and even lived in Vermont for two years.  I bounced from one experience to the next like my hair was on fire, and I gave no nevermind to finances or planning for the future.  Money was to be spent, and when I was younger that meant spending on having fun.

Those days are gone.  Money is needed, now, to survive, and there is very little left over to spend on travel or expensive adventures.  Still, I live life to the fullest.  Bev and I have carved out a loving relationship, and we find joy in the simple things.  A walk around the neighborhood means as much to me as a trip to Europe.  Holding each other during a popcorn and movie night is as good as a night on the town.  Watching our garden grow is as thrilling as standing on top of Mt. Rainier after a long, hard climb.

It really is all about perspective.  The older I get the more I am convinced that love is the key to happiness.  Where there is love there is contentment.  Where there is love there are riches beyond any monetary measure.

Yes, I am living an ordinary life now, but it is an extraordinary, ordinary life, and I am at peace with it.

I wish for all of you the same peace and happiness.



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A simple man who has found happiness as a functioning dysfunctional.

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  1. What a beautiful post, Bill! I can feel your contentment coming through the page. I’m so glad you and Bev found each other.Thank God for U-Haul, huh? 🙂

    Have a peaceful weekend, my friend.

    Love to you and Bev,

  2. Hi Bill .
    Contentment. You are suggesting perhaps most valuable word for lifelong journey. So very important for sound finish. Contentment became an ethical code to a preteen boy ,while being introduced to me a saying ” godliness with contentment is great gain . ”
    Thank you my friend.

  3. I was just telling Dave that I could be happy living in a mobile home as long as I got my family and they’re all good – he said he wouldn’t be happy with that. I don’t think it matters where you are or what you do as long as you enjoy your day or what you’re doing with your time!

    Steady is the course – good luck working on the novel and I hope you and Bev have an awesome weekend!

    • Kelly, I’m with you, although I hope it never comes to that for either of us. LOL Thanks for the visit and for sharing. Have a great weekend my friend.

  4. I am so glad Bill that you have a life that brings so much love to you, on a daily basis. Have a wonderful weekend Bill and I’ll be taking a walk today too!

    • Christy, we just finished our walk before the rains set in and it was very nice. Now a cozy movie for the afternoon. Thank you and have a wonderful weekend.


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