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Reflecting About Miranda Lambert and the Simple Life

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writer's digest and chickens 002I was watching a Youtube video of Miranda Lambert singing “Automatic” the other day.  No, I don’t usually sit around watching music videos.  J  I wasn’t that familiar with Lambert, and I was curious as to why she is so popular.

So this song is about simpler times, back in the old days before technology took over our lives, and back to a time when community really meant something.  Some of you may not even remember those days; some of you know exactly what I am talking about.

I have written often about growing up during the 50s and 60s, and how much simpler it was then.  For sure we had our problems, but the pace of life was much slower for sure, and for me….just me speaking now…it was a more enjoyable time to live.

So I started wondering what happened? How do we fast-forward fifty years and find society living at a break-neck pace today?  How did that sense of community disappear?

I don’t think there are any easy answers.  I think consumerism played a huge part in our little drama.  I think society got caught up in the possessions game, which led to overspending, which led to working harder just to break even.  The family unit slowly disappeared with more divorces…with both parents working just to make ends meet….less supervision of the kids….

And on and on we go.

Bev and I made a decision to go simple and we are living that decision.  I understand that our lifestyle isn’t for everyone.  People do love their big houses and multiple cars and a garage full of possessions….I get that.  The fact that it isn’t for me doesn’t mean I’m judging anyone.  But for us, none of that is important.  I could make more money tomorrow if I wanted to return to the rat race….but why would I?  I’m happy today.  I don’t have much but what I do have is priceless.



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  1. And that’s all that matters, Bill. You and Bev are happy. You can’t buy that will all the money in the world.

    BTW, did you know Miranda Lambert is married to Blake Shelton?

  2. Again sir I couldn’t agree more. What happened to un-organized sports. Kids playing pick up games of baseball or 500. Remember riding bikes without a helmet and just going all over the neighborhood with friends. Yes and the list goes on and on. Technology and it’s twin consumerism. Stay true to who you are and have a good one my friend.

    • Larry, I wonder how many games of 500 I have played? Man we loved those games, playing the game for the love of the game….I never see kids out playing any games anymore…how sad is that?

      Thanks buddy. I love my life and have no plans to change it.

  3. Yesterday, a lifelong friend and I were talking about our lives – where we were and where we are today. We use to visit million dollar homes and “pretend” we lived there. We believed in the power of positive thinking and all that other Anthony Robbins, Dale Carnegie, and Harvey B. Mackay stuff. We were making lots of money at the time and vowed that one day we would have one of those homes and live next door to each other. Well, the economy brought us down. We both lost great jobs and to date neither us have made good on that pie in the sky promise to each other. But, today, she still wants to live in the “dream” house. I told her I have no desire to even see a huge house like that anymore. I told her I was happy right where I am, living within my means and not desiring anything more. And, the house that I’m building on my property is a tiny little house. My mindset is completely different now. Small, simple, affordable, inexpensive, used… free… that’s living life in an unstressed way. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to working so hard for nothing. Instead, I’ll work at doing the things I enjoy doing and whatever I have because of it is good enough.

  4. yup, it ultimately boils down to the choices we make in our life…
    a choice well made, Bill 🙂

  5. Michael Milec

    Hi Bill;
    What a brilliant , classic decision Bev and you choosing to live simple.Congratulations…

    ” Back in the old days when…” when people were more aware of their own brain and used it for practical decision. It boils down to :’ what do you want?’ – What do I want?? Do I want to listen to commercials telling me what to buy, what tot eat / drink, where to go, etc… Back in the old days… ( before WW2 started and on …) happiness was in working to meet our needs, and those who settled with satisfaction, found it saying ” godliness with contentment is great gain”, whatever it means; Shakespeare said it this way “Poor and content is rich and rich enough.” On our arrival to this Continent, our family choose not to imitate unnatural lifestyle ( Buy now you can save 25% [ha, you’re still spending 75%] even if you didn’t need it) . As an eye opener happened when our children were questioning Christmas gifts exchange or going to friends house for overnight. Our youngest came home very first evening before midnight saying, ” we just don’t do those things…” Well, not everyone did understand our commonsense and by doing so one need to accept the isolation – UNTIL – you find the human as you are: living simple. The number of “us ” is growing.


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