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Living Simple Means Loving Simple

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Train ride from Elbe to 018Bev is having a tough time with her asthma right now. I’m forcing her to the doctor on Thursday.  She can be a bit stubborn when it comes to her health, but in truth so can I.  She also feels guilty about spending money when it is tight, but in truth, so do I.

I made dinner last night, and swept up, and put things away, and generally just made sure she had no chores to do when she got home from work. I wanted her to just relax, and she did.

Why do I mention all of that?  Simply because Living Simple has, as its number one goal, to support loved ones and treat them like the priority they are.  Bev would do the same things for me.  We are partners in life; we share everything, the good and the bad, the fun and the work.  I don’t know how else to live life, and I don’t want to know any other way to live life.

I see couples out and about who show no visible signs of loving each other. I think that’s a shame. I love holding Bev’s hand in public.  She is my best friend and lover; why wouldn’t I want to be close to her, and touch is about as close as you can get without getting arrested. LOL

Show your loved ones how important they are.  Don’t sit around waiting for Valentine’s Day, and then make a big deal of your love.  Make a big deal of your love each and every day.  Seriously, what is more important in your life than your loved ones?


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  1. Beautiful message and have no doubt how much the two of you love each other. I hope Bev gets here checkup and feels better from her asthma soon. She is in my thoughts and prayers Bill.

  2. Yeah, I hope Bev gets to feeling better! The journey of a simple life is also one that is so virtuous. 🙂

  3. Well, Cyndi, it took me awhile to get to the virtuous part. LOL Thanks for the visit lil’ Sis!

  4. Nice job, and I hope Bev is feeling much better, very soon!

  5. You know, Geoff says the same thing to me all the time about not waiting for Valentine’s Day to show your love. I’m a very touchy feely kind of person and I love showing that when we’re out. Him, not so much but that’s just his nature…depends on where we are or who we’re with. I think we should express our love every day, and plan a little something special on Valentine’s Day…not just celebrate it once a year. Great post my friend. Hope Bev feels better soon!

    • Thanks Mel! She sees the doctor today so maybe it will turn around soon. I’m glad you and Geoff understand the importance of living your love each and every day.


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